USA Solo versus Erika Brazil : FIFA Soccer History on the Road to London 2012 Olympic Games

On the Road to Londres  Olympic 2012
Erika landed in Brazil from Germany World Cup with million dollar deal 
to play soccer in USA

"We fought to the last second on the clock,
sometimes we play better with 10 players,
USA fights to win  , and will continue fighting  to win the next battle  " 
said the USA Goalkeeper Hope Sole - voted the player of the game in the game against Brazil.

Without a "neguinha" on the field, USA beats Brazil on shootout 
after a 2 a piece draw -USA scoring a header from a long ball in the last minute of the overtime.

Brazilian women still individually the best soccer players in the world.
But Brazil needs a women soccer headcoach- on the locker room and on the coaching staff bench, to freely talk the talk and walk the walks,  and make from  those skillful  Brazilian girls a world cup team champion.

Abby Wambach  and Hope Solo true winning smile

Daiane upside down with Megan Rapinou looking on for the ball
 USA Megan the jumping for joy after Abby Wambach scored the goal  `

Brazilian Coach Kleyton sad ending in Germany.
In Fifa Soccer history Zico end up coaching in Japan. 
that was because a coaching error ..
klayton  should never have sent the shaking Daiane  to take that crucial penalty shot.
that was a lack of experience from the Brazilian coach.
Daiane know may need some psychological counselling, as the Brazilian soccer fans do not pardon three mistake in a game, and Klayton should be fired for causing that pain in the player mind.
I am wondering if he chocked with the bubble gum.
The old timers coaches usually tell the players no bubble gum chewing  during practice , never mind in a game . it was the most disgusting thing to do during a  World Cup game in front of million of viewers.
Erika may go play for the USA Nike sponsored team


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