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Nanaimo Judo Club - Black Belt Instructor 1st Developer of Futsal Canada Carlos Mateus trajectory in Brazil and in Canada

Futsal Canada Blog is not just about futsal ,  it is about sport and Judo is my first sport and I still brag about a gold medal in the Brazilian National Judo competitions  as well as  have developed the Dojo  that is now the home of Nanaimo Judo club  - where I spent near two decades coaching judo with Canadian friends before moved to coach futsal at the international level-  that includes winning the First North America Futsal Cup 1984 , beating USA in the final game . Canada Futsal 9 vs 3 USA Futsal and the Aboriginal Cup between Canada Vs Australia - Canada National Aboriginal Futsal Team  won the best of three games series - played in Nanaimo, Victoria and Vancouver .

Judo is a great sport for kids  - recommended  
Nanaimo Judo Club Kids gets together for a year end  tournament with Sensei Kiyo Nomura- club  president (at the right standing ) and Club Director -Sensei Carlos Mateus standing at the left - on the back roll club instructors and judocas that assist coaching at the judo club , some of them still competing at the provincial and  national level abide by Judo Canada , Judo BC and the rules  of the International Judo Federation  .
Nanaimo Judo Club year end  In Club Tournament . " We are  proud of you son Lucas Mateus , You were  the only one from the beginners class - Mondays and Wednesday  to fight with the advanced ones from the Tuesday and Thursday judocas that have been competing at the Judo BC province level . Lucas  won the first match with a Wazari  1/ 2 point before   finishing  his opponent with full point  ippon   Eri Seoi Nage" .  Lucas start Judo in Brazil, but , he has been away from competition  for quite some time ,  and Lucas Judo  class  on mondays and wednesdays is more for beginner and shiai , or fight standing is not part of the program ,  but  Lucas showed that the technique he had learned before in Brazil - still was in there  to show those in doubt .   "In judo we never stop learning from one another".  Nen'oshi 
Lucas Mateus with Sensei Borba and friends of the Colegio Margirus Private School in Brazil - Judo Class is part of the Brazilian School program 

Carlos Mateus daughter Michele in Nanaimo Judo 1980 pic. 
Michele from Nanaimo went to Japan teach English before finishing  UVIC -  major in sociology 
Michel Mateus , is now working at the Vancouver Parks Sport - Volunteer Coordinator 
Nanaimo Judo Club Carlos Mateus  - Black Belt Kodokan Judo Certificate -2nd degree
Trajectory of Sucesso in Brazil and  Judo Canada  
Kodokan Judo Nidan Diploma 1984 - Black Belt Second Degree
Judo Canada Coaching Certificate  1981 - I have to do my second level in 2015. as required by Judo BC 

 Top picture - Nanaimo Judo club Judoca Lucas Mateus with friends  Tommy  Holman and Hunter Hilley at the  Nanaimo Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints - Mormon Primary School .
Jigoro Kano hand draw picture by Nanaimo Judo Club Judoka Mike Mateus.

Brazilian Navy School of  of Physical Education /  where I used to practice judo full time - Nage Waza randori and shiai  from 8 am to 11:30  am   and Katame Waza  on afternoons 1: to 3: 30 pm . including Gym  running the Cooper drill , weights and massage therapy. - Did that from 1968 to 1978 - member of the Navy Judo Team as well coaching The Navy Seals at my  Base dojo.  

 Judo Coaching Diploma  from  Brazilian Navy Physical Education  -  Marine Corps Navy Seal  Team Champion , area Rio de Janeiro - Head Coach Sergeant Carlos  Mateus 
Member of the  Navy Team competing  in the National 1969.

Coaching Association of Canada Member since 1981

Place that I call my first
Dojo Home - Brazilian Navy Dojo

Lucas Mateus  age 7 - Judo in Brazil
Coaching Canadian Futsal National Team in Spain 1985 World Cup
Lucas Mateus Judo Classe at private school in Brazil
Canadian National Futsal Team
 Lucas Mateus  age 10 practicing futsal in Brazil
Carlos Mateus Juvenile Soccer Team in Brazil
Lucas Mateus - in Brazil -  applying  Eri  Seoi Nage at age 9 years old to claim gold
Lucas Mateus  wins gold
 Rotary Club  International award night
Judo Workshop with the Japan Sensei Kunitaka Matsuda
Coach of the Beach Soccer  Catarinenese Champions in Brazil
Coaching Judo in Nanaimo Parks and Recreation a program that led to Sanshiro Judo Club - there were hundreds of kids in the judo program .  in the pic flying over kids to perform break fall -  .DR.  Darren Biggs  -   Dentist  in Nanaimo -
In memory of  Sensei Joe McPeek
Rosi  presented with the Rotary International  award for volunteer work and betterment in the City of Balneario Camboriu

Nanaimo Judo   Teus Mateus heavyweight -  is planning to get back on the dojo where he start to walk
Michele with My judo medals and a trophy
The Clubhouse home of Nanaimo Judo Club previous Sanshiro Judo Club
Belt gradding  at Sanshiro Judo Club in Nanaimo
 Halloween at Nanaimo Judo Club  Mary Nomura and Kiyo Nomura

Sargento Fuzileiro Naval Mateus - Nurse by trade - but was mostly involved with the sports department and new recruit instructor. 
Brazilian Navy Judo Team first time National Champion - I am in there - second from the right - front roll 
Brazilian Navy Team getting ready for the big win ever in the history of the National Championships 
" I was part of the winning team in 1976 my last competition wrapped up wit a gold medal
Before departure for the big win . I was in the 60 kilo division  and won my first match accumulating point for the team . 

front roll 6th there I was proud to win gold 
12nd National Brazilian Military Judo Championship -
Free Randori during workshop addressed by Sensei Kunitaka Matsuda from Japan -
that was a 6 month going to judo school every saturdays full day -
Nanaimo Judo invitational tournament 80,s
Nanaimo Judo Parks  and Recreation Program that led to Sanshiro Judo Club
Judo Canada for all Ages
Futsal that with canadian friends we developed in Canada , started at VIU  or old Malaspina College  in Nanaimo
First Futsal Canada Jersey  sponsored by Umbro Canada of White Rock headquarter
1987 - In Australia with Charles Perkins - Aboriginal  Secretary and Chairman of Futsal World Cup 1988
Canadian Women Futsal Team
In Brazil representing Canada at the FIFUSA to FIFA AGM
AGM with FIFA president Joseph Blatter  

Coaching futsal in Brazil - Margirus College

Enjoy the best of Brazil with son Lucas Mateus of course picture by Rosi
Judo in Brazil  with lucas
Family Birthday  party - Brother-in-Law Dr. Fernando , sister Rita, Marlene Rosi and I
with nephew Dr  Alexandre Mateus - Oncologista - University Teacher
With Rosi at niece Claudia wedding

Futsal  with son Lucas
growing with sports
Own newspaper in Brazil
Holiday with Rosi and Lucas in Brazil
Hometown Radio Camboriu  sports talk show
Balneario Camboriu -Hometown Sunrise
playing soccer with the old timers in Brazil
Lucas with friend in our apartment building swimming pool
Brazilian women futsal
gold digger i Judo Lucas e is brazilian Buddy Joao
coaching beach soccer in Brazil
interviewing the best there was in Brazilian  women Futsal
Unochapeco Women Futsal World Club Champions Brazilian -Interviewing National team coach Eder Papiolski , who was the coach champion again with the Brazilian National team  at the costa Rica  2014
Futsal World Championships for women
Canadian futsal team 1984 - First North America Futsal Cup Champions - Futsal Canada 9 vs 4 Futsal USA
How it started in Canada
Rotary International member - addressing  fundraising for sports
Futsal Masters doing homework  - Paulista - Antonio Carlos Martins
New years beach party family Mateus Reveillon
In Nanaimo volunteer recognition - a tool to motivation
view from our laudryroom in Brazil
With friends at Beach Soccer nite Maior Vice prefeito  Claudio Dalvesco
Unochapeco 5national cup  - unbeatable
with the girl next door volunteer at the games
Lucas Mateus Futsal Coaches in Brazil
Canadia futsal team tour to Australia with Leo Beier founding member of futsal in Canada
some scrap book that tell the Canadian futsal History
Aboriginal Cup Team that beat the Australia Aboriginal Team in a 3 game series in Canada
that is yo playing on grass with the old timer in Brazil
Representing Canada in a technical conference in Brazil
Grand Prix2007
Back coaching Judo - recharging to keep on fight
Regognation is the tool of motivation
Judo diploma from kodokan Japan signed by Jogoro Kano Son .. not a big deal
living of love with Rosi and Lucas
well , Physical Education University in the city of Santos
go that way that i go this way
interviwing a Beaty Queen
With the Mayor of hometown Balneario Camboriu Claudio Dalvesco
Soccer ,Samba and fundraising
place that I call home in Brazil

Christmas time in Brazil with Brother In Laws Rodney and Lee Page
opening the goodies that came from Uk with Brothers Rodney and Lee Page
Ticket to coach
 A raising star  Renata  addamari
best futsal ball
Renata Adamatti -met her playing beach soccer at age of 15.
Beach Soccer a new trend in Brazil
Some old Canadian buddies that assisted de development of futsal in Canada ,some still at it .
With Futsal Coach  Zego  who travel 26 country developing futsal
me promoting futsal and the Penalty Sports wear brand
me and son Lucas
Women Futsal at Brazilian College
Women futsal in Brazil - tight competition between the two power house city of Brusque Futsal
just an other day in Brazilian tropical paradise
At soccer game being interviewed
part of Mateus Family in Brazil  Lucas Birthday Party
 with futsal master Paulista - Antonio Carlos Martim
Lucas surfing scholl at my hometown Balneario
Lucas caching waves that led to his first surfing competition gold medal
Nanaimo Judo Club and Sanshiro Judo Club  getting together in Nanaimo

Nage no Kata with my sensei Yoshimasa Nagashima - 8 Dan from Japan .
With my mentor Sensei Yoshimasa Nagashima  8 dan - from who I learned a great deal of judo that came in his luggage from Japan . 

Performing Nage no Kata with sensei Yoshimasa Nagashima who was 76 years old at the time. 

Coaching Judo  at  Nanaimo Parks and Recreation / Sanshiro Judo Club . 
There were 120 judokas in the program,  divided in four classes - as well as  coaching Judo  in Cedar North Oyster School on Fridays 2 classes   and on  Gabriola Island Recreation Activity Centre    on Saturdays .

At the Nanaimo Judo Club with my 11 years old son Lucas Mateus