Sunday, June 28, 2015

Canada Soccer Hope - Brazilian Futsal Coach May Change Losses into Wins

Women's futsal World Cup is Coming to USA .
USA Futsal is betting in have the First Women Futsal World Cup under FIFA. 
Is Canada Soccer And  Futsal program ready. 

Japan Women's Soccer Team Reigning World Champions -
According to  Zego ( brazilian coaching in Japan )  said that  " 90% of the japaneses women soccer team started playing futsal in public schools and in college program " as well as Futsal Academies are mushrooming all over Japan including roof top futsal courts have been built due to the shortage of grass to play .

After watching Canada losing to England  at home turf , it came to my reflexion , why Soccer Canada  go to england looking for coaching style - kick and run - when we have top brazilian  expert  coach in vancouver -  who coached university soccer team in Brazil. 

Marcelo Zuge a former Brazilian Women Futsal and Soccer coach , now living in Vancouver 
coaching youth soccer  in North Vancouver and futsal tutor for BC Soccer . 

Futsal Ball by Penalty Made in Brazil since 1970 .
 Just like nike shoes - Max  futsal ball is the most procured futsal ball for high performance brazilians professionals futsal players and futsal academies have follow that trend .

Sunday, June 14, 2015

FIFA Futsal Ball Specification - Lighter and smaller than Soccer Ball

Fifa Futsal Ball Specification - Random Futsal Tips 

Futsal Ball is lighter than soccer ball , but it has 60% less bounce when dropped from 2 meter  on a hard surface. 
PENALTY Futsal Ball is the most procured in Brazil and has been adopted in Spain professional league as well.  
Penalty  Futsal Ball Max 1000 is by far the best  futsal ball ever built in Brazil . known as the futsal match ball 

"now you have the futsal ball sizes for different age group , use it accordingly " . 

Penalty Max 50 - age 5 to 7 years old , 50 to 53 cm  weight 250 to 280 grams 

Max 100 - age 8 and 10 years old - 50 to 55 cm weight 300 to 350 grams

Max 200 - age 11, 12   yrs old ,  55 to 59 cm weight  350 to 380 grams 

Max !000 professional size for both men and woman - 61 to 64 cm, weight  410 to 440 grams

A Futsal Ball is not 'Heavier' than an Outdoor Ball, Actually It's Lighter 
By Tim Sheldon Futsal on LIne 
It seems that in most descriptions of Futsal that you read, the Futsal ball is described as weighted, heavier or slightly heavier than the outdoor ball. That is not true. According to FIFA specifications, the Futsal ball is lighter than the Size 5 outdoor ball.
falcaoinaction.jpg (8262 bytes)The Futsal ball contains some foam to reduce the bounce, but that does not make it "heavy".
To provide an example, I randomly checked the website of a leading Futsal Association and it said Futsal: "is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball."
(Photo: Falcao demonstrates handling characteristics of a Futsal ball.)
I found the example on my first try. Very typical. The Size 4 Futsal ball is actually 10 grams lighter than Size 5 outdoor ball. It can be juggled, chipped, headed, anything you want.
In order to gain the most authoritative information we went to, which contains FIFA Futsal specifications for circumference, roundness, rebound, water absorption, weight, pressure loss, shape and size retention and balance.
According to FIFA, the inspected weight of a Size 5 ball is 410 - 450 grams. The inspected weight for a Size 4 Futsal ball is 400 - 440 grams. The minimum and maximum  inspected weights of a Futsal ball are therefore 10 grams lighter than the outdoor ball.
In order to assess bounce, the balls are dropped ten times onto a steel plate from a height of two metres, under controlled temperatures, according to FIFA.

The FIFA chart indicates that the Size 5 ball has a bounce (rebound) of 125 - 155 cm, while the Futsal ball has a bounce of 50 - 65 cm.

Comparing the minimums, we see that the bounce of the Futsal ball is only 40 percent of the bounce of the Size 5. This means the Futsal ball has 60 percent less bounce than the Size 5.

Therefore, we can say that according to FIFA specifications the Futsal ball is a size smaller and 10 grams lighter than the outdoor ball and has 60 percent less bounce.

A report found in USA futsal Ball :

 I chose this ball based on reviews at and I don't regret buying it. Probably one of the best futsal balls out of many others available here in US such as Nike, Puma and Adidas (Careful with the big brand names as they are all replicas). BTW, we're not futsal newbies, we are 25 adult men - all Brazilians from early 20s to latest 30s, some of us have even played professionally in Brazil and everyone loved this ball.
Since you can't find a Penalty Max 1000 to buy here in US, this Baden Match ball is definitely an alternative.

4 stars because 5 can only go to an official futsal ball like the Penalty Max 1000 < 

Penalty is the most procured futsal ball in Brazil

Carlos Mateus Coaching Youth  Futsal in Brazil 2012 at the Colegio  Margirus 
 Using the right futsal ball to better your game 
 Lucas Mateus stepping on a adult size futsal ball during a fathers day futsal event at his school in Brazil 
 Small size and weight for the children safety and ball handling were used at Lucas Mateus ( left on the wall ) - safety and ball handling size 3 for the 8 and 9 years old 
 different futsal ball sizes in the bag for diferent age group at the Terence Futsal Estilo Livre Acadenia in Brazil .  
 Size Matters 
Penalty Futsal Ball has been in Canada since stardom of the game on the west coast. 

From FIFUSA to FIFA Futsal Balls Sizes 

First Canadian Futsal World Team  used Penalty futsal ball sponsored by Penalty Brazil .

 Size 3 were used in Argentina for  the under 11 years old 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Futsal Moms Don't Want Kids play on Grass

Futsal Moms in USA are loving the idea to have futsal for all the kids 
as futsal academies and futsal programs underway been developed by futsal coaches experts that have  to understand that futsal is the way to pave a road to become a world champions. 

Futsal balls comes in different sizes and weight - in the picture below the ball are the same sizes but different weights - Sub 9 and sub 11 . 
There is my son Lucas learning futsal in Brazil on the sub 9 team using a sub 9 futsal ball
Only now in Canada Lucas started to play outdoors on school program , but is on the gym that he has showed what he has learned in Brazil .  Mind you ,he would rather play games on his PS4 or PS Vita. But , he loves sports . 

Futsal give the kids that posture procured on a player as well as full confidence when in control of the ball as muscles and mental reflexion reacts in every playing situation only compared to martial arts such as judo and jiujitsu  . - you have to fight constantly to defend or attack - the only difference is that you play for the time but the fight for the ball is individual and one must develop that skill on court  
During the  Buenos Aires Youth Cup the sub 11 games were played with the sub 11
Lucas Mateus ( l) front age 6 years old in Brazil during a futsal clinic performed by coach   Ferretti and Brazilian Futsal National team players  Neto and Chico at the Terence Estilo Livre Futsal Academia

It will take to two futsal moms   with two minivans to bring the kids to a futsal venue  and there is no mud or grass all over them .

Court playing zones
set pieces ball  from the keeper  to three players own side

Free kick with two players wall

Friday, April 10, 2015

Brazilian Soccer Losing to Futsal

Soccer in Brazil is losing players because most of them start in futsal and futsal players are getting more money playing futsal in the Brazilian Premier Professional League as well as some of the talented futsal players are moving to play futsal or football overseas, being the most procured destinations : Spain,Futsal, Russia Futsal, Japan Futsal, China Futsal, Italy Futsal and many other countries that futsal became a major sporting event on the entertainment industry that includes USA Futsal Professional League to debut in 2016. 
 Futsal Brazil 

   Futsal in Brazil 

Carlos Mateus  Interviewing Falcao  in 2004 

the waiting game  " you move i move" 

Brazilian moms don't want their kids  play on grass 

Art of playing futsal  futsal in Brazil Stefany Krebs working out at Brusque Futsal 

 Futsal in Brazil 

Futsal Masters  

Fernando Ferretti and Carlos Mateus masters of the game of futsal 

Nanaimo Judo Jiujitsu Black Belt - Sensei Carlos Mateus - Random History

Judo Jiu jitsu from Brazil Member of the Brazilian Navy Team Champion 
Carlos Mateus 
Born to win 

 Judo - A family tradition   Son Teus  Mateus  - Mike - born in Nanaimo , grew up on the Nanaimo Judo mats to West Canada BC Judo  Team at the age of 16 years old 
Nanaimo Judo Michele Mateus  from judo to UVIC  Sociology Major to Vancouver Parks Sports  Staff  Program Coordinator. 
Lucas Mateus started in Judo Hapikido and jiu jitsu in Brazil with sensei Felipe 
Sensei Mateu at 66 still at it 
Nanaimo Judo Club - Sensei Mateus - ( L ) , Sensei Nomura ( R )  founders of Judo in Nanaimo .

same   winning posture living with no fear

Soldier Mateus Recruit  Brazilian Navy Seal in the 60's

Jerry Davey  - 2nd dan Black Belt - National referee  - father of Judocas- Nick Davey  and Robert Davey  - both earned they Black Belt 
 Paul Fagnello  Island Invitational Judo Tournament 
Ute Ewert  Judo Nanaimo  secretary for many years - mother of judocas : Andrew , Ben and Michael Ewert .
 I love to win 
 Nanaimo Judo 80's & 90's 
Carlos Mateus - Jiu Jitsu brown Belt   at 17Teen  enjoyed the  Brazilian Navy Seals to Sergeant Para Medics - Red Cross Nurse. 
 Brazilian Navy Commandos in training at Bolivia / Paraguay and Brazil frontier - ( 2nd from R standing ) Sergeant Mateus  -   Amazon Jungle survival . special  op.  classified. 
  to be a leader you must have some requirement such as people person 
A Seal with a bad knee . But.  Nothing but gold on that day of judo contest at the National Military Judo Championships in Brazil 
 My mentor - Sensei Nagashima  8 Dan Kodokan 
 Age no Kata demo with Sensei Nagashima - he was 76 years old on that day 
 Member competitor of the Marinha do Brasil Judo Team campeao 
 First Line up team 
 Coaching clinic in Brazil University 
 With Japan Champ - Kunitaka Matsuda 
 Judo Nanaimo with sensei Joe MacPeek 
Marinha do Brasil Judo  1976  
 Minha primeira academia de Judo jiujitsu in Brasil 
 Judo Nanaimo Parks and Recreation 

Now Dr. Dentist Darren Bigs at Judo Nanaimo 

 Lucas judo class in Brazil with sensei  Borba 
 Trained to be a fighter - Brazilian Navy Seal - Commando Platoon of Special Operation - back from a mission - classified . 

 At Rosi's home in Brazil

Nanaimo Judo sensei  Carlos Mateus - A fighter and  his love ones pic  wt Rosi Silva 
 Lucas Mateus in Judo Brasil 
 Lucas Mateus in Judo Brasil - Seoi Nage ippon getting the winning taste 

 Lucas Mateus in Judo Brasil Kesa gatame  for Ippon 

 Michele Mateus first Birthday on the dojo 
 Brazilian Navy Judo Team working out - going for gold - Equipe de judo da Marinha do Brasil - treino antes de  partir para Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais trazendo Ouro 
 Promoting Judo in Nanaimo 
 Grading judokas 
 Love to win  
 Tie belt knots part of the judo coaching duties 
 Mastering Coaching 
 Nanaimo Judo Club
Love to Win Gold