Thursday, November 26, 2015

Who Should Be the Canadian Futsal Team Coach.

The Canadian Soccer Association is in the process of selection it's futsal coaching staff for the upcoming  Concacaf qualifying berth for the 2016 Futsal  World Cup In Colombia.

Since there is no national futsal league in Canada , it is a difficult task for the Canadian Soccer Association  futsal committee chaired by Charlie Cuzzetto .

There are a few people in Canada with futsal knowledge of the game played on court .

Brazilian born  Geraldo Ferrari would be my pick ,  Ferrari played futsal in Brazil and coached futsal in Montreal and has been involved with soccer in Nova Scotia.

Also I would have the Colombian  born Jaime Meza as an assistant coach .

Jaime played good level of futsal back in his old country - Colombia Futsal and has been involved in the development of futsal in Saskatchewan and in Canada.

Kris Fernandes is one of the drive force of the continuing development  of futsal in Canada ,    and should be considered   for a position with the Canadian National Futsal  Team  along with Marcelo  (Minhoca)  Zuge as coaching advisor - of course there  are other applicants that are learning about the game of futsal , but are eager to take on  the job.

It is crucial that we have experienced futsal  coaching staff to represent Canada  in such a high profile event .

Also,  there are some old timers  , such as Canadian born and former  Canadian Soccer Association soccer player and former   futsal Canada coaches Ike Mackay- who captained Canada 8 Vs US Futsal 3 - in the first North American Futsal meeting  . Les Malbon  and myself who have been with the game of futsal since it's stardom in Canada .

There are other names to consider,  but,  Geraldo Ferrari has the futsal knowledge,  expertise , experience,  and leadership  required to conduct an elite Canadian Futsal Team.

I know that there are good soccer/futsal players to form a Canadian Futsal Team to qualify Canada in the Concacaf region and represent well our country in Colombia.

Futsal Coaches  Jaime Meza and  Geraldo Ferrari during a Canadian Futsal Coaching Clinic 2014 - in Ontario - Coach Ferrari addressed futsal   clinic for  new coaches  based on the Brazilian school method of futsal  

Coach Ferrari  from Futsal to Soccer he knows it at all 
From Sao Paulo Brazil Geraldo Ferrari played and coach futsal in Brazil and now in Halifax ,Canada. 

Canadian Futsal  Coach Jaime Meza Learning from the masters  - Futsal Coaches get together to polish their delivering  , 
Picture of Fernando Ferretti with Jaime Meza during a two week long futsal coach course  addressed by Futsal Master Coach  Fernando Ferretti and associates  at the Krona Futsal Club in Brazil in 2015 .
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I love to win ! My last winning was at the Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil - Beach Soccer Championships 2012 with the Embraed Beach Soccer Team 
Nothing but gold and the game MVP.
  If wanna be a coach , you got to show what it takes , it is not just have a coaching ticket from a  couple weekend coaching clinic , you got to get a few lost during the apprenticeship before be considered to coach a top elite team .  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fifa's Approved Game Ball Made in Brazil by Penalty

Fifa's Approved Soccer / Futsal Game Ball Made in Brazil by Penalty 
now available in  Soccer Canada and US Soccer .
the 12 panels soccer ball made in Brazil by PENALTY  has the Grade A  FIFA's  logo and name . 
Brazilian Players from generation that conquered five  FIFA World Cups , grew up playing with Penalty : Neymar , Ronaldo , Ronaldinho ... to Pele . 
Compare the panels seams interlocked for better durability -  The inner  NeoGel panel give that soft touch as the air valve is replaceable .  Ideal game ball for all weather - pro or recreational . 
100% water resistant .
  Made with a graftership designed  in the land that has a great deal of love for the great game. 
Penalty is more than balls , there are more than 300 items on the 2016 Catalog - 
Balls from futsal to Basketballs - Clothing to fit a team to fitness , Shoes ,-Soccer , Futsal to Casual wear, Accessories  Shin Guard - Ankle support  are the most procured .

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if you would like to be a representative of Penalty in your country,  contact 

Penalty Brazil . 

International Director  Roberto Garcia  - Roberto Garcia Ramirez 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Footvolley At My Hometown Balneario Camboriu Brazil -

Brazilian  National Footvolley team  players from Rio de Janeiro Lana Miranda ,  Patricinha - Patricia Lessa, Natalie Martins  e Sabrina Cassinelli , were  in Balneario Camboriu displaying all the futevolei /footvolley technique that makes the world best women in the game played on the  sand beach. - in the picture Lana in the center leads the warming up before the exhibition game between  Women Footvolley teams formed with Sabrina and Natalie versus Patricinha and Luana from the Footvolley Training Academy of Barra da Tijuca , Recreio dos Bandeirantes,  and Ipanema Beaches.  more Lana and Patricinha

Brazil's top women footvolley player Lana Miranda  won 7 Brazilian futevolei national titles and 5 world championships from Thailand to Spain.
Futsal Canada Carlos Mateus interviewed   the four girls , but Lana the world best women's Footvolley player said "We played Canada in Virginia Beach USA in 2005. The Canadian  Footvolley Team was Coached by Christian Prevost "  she said "yes".  Canada has a Footvolley program . 

This weekend Balneario Camboriu is holding the Sul do  Brasil futevolei tournament leading to the Nationals.
The most interesting thing is that all the players interviewed , started playing futsal, futebol,  soccer or whatever it is called in USA , Canada  UK , Australia , Japan, China, Germany, Russia , all the players apears to have started in futsal and they switched to Footvolley  as an opportunity to  develop a new sport with the international federation independent from FIFA or FIV . The game is mushrooming in Brazil Spain and in the Asian nations , 

Great action in the women's world footvolley championship, exhibition game in Balneario Camboriu South Region of Brazil qualifying tournament for the Campeonato Brasileiro de futevolei. 

Futevolei program in Balneario Camboriu is not short of sponsorship and great return for the supporters Ric record television on site displaying all the billboards with the sponsors name and logo as well great action that was witness by thousand of spectators and beach goers tourists that stop to watch a weekend full of Footvolley action . Gatorade, Unimed, Melo Hotel,, Graffiti House.
Footvoley Training  Barra da Tijuca, Gomes da Costa e many others that kicked in funds to bring the best man and women futevolei players to Balneario Camboriu- Santa Catarina Brazil

The rain kept the sand wet, as the girls from Ipanema - world champions put on a great display of Footvolley and athletic abilities.   With spectators  packing the  bleachers ,  set up for the event on the shoreline of Central Beach , both men and women shown why they are the world's best , with no stop action in  the man's  futevolei Campeonato Brasileiro Regiao Sul in Balneario Camboriu March 12/13, 2011
 Sunday,  March 13th at 4 pm.
Energized with Gatorade  watching Brazilian women footvolley in action

South of Brazil  Futevolei Championships held in Balneario Camboriu , Chaired  by the International , Footvolley player Dado- second from right.
34 four players from the provinces of Parana , Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul , formed in duo played a Round Robin  qualifying draw on Saturday with the finals scheduled for Sunday afternoon at the Central Beach being Gatorade the major sponsor with many others . players stayed at the Melo Hotel a great supporter of sports in Balneario Camboriu. The event is co-sponsored by Balneario Camboriu FME , Fundsport Fesports- provincial government  of sports chaired by Pedro Lopes. 
and secretary of  Ademar Silva  of Balneario Camboriu 


 Felipe Scopel 5 years old already in the futsal program coached by Physical Education teacher/ professor  Lobatel in the city of Antonio Prado - Rio Grande do Sul.
Felipe at the age of five already  has  chosen  the Internacional Futebol Clube as the  heart Soccer team to cheer for the rest of his life.
Interview by  Canadian Futsal founder and freelance  writer Carlos Mateus  in Balneario Camboriu  


Eloisa Scopel age 2 is a great fan of brother Felipe.
She was truly enjoying the Brazilian Footvolley World Champion putting a great display of ball control . So was Mother Agueda  and the Father Miguel Scopel , and with the parents permission Eloisa and Fellipe are making the FIFA History of the great game.

by Carlos Mateus in Brazil for the Futsal Canada Blog in 2011 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Futsal Canada - First International Futsal game played by the Canadian Futsal Team - The North American Futsal Cup 1984 - Futsal Canada 8 vs 3 US futsal

I am Back in Canada after ten years in Brazil researching the Game of futsal . My finding is  that the Brazilians have mastered the game of futsal  and that is due to the grassroots programs . Kids start to play futsal at the  age of 4 years old in  academies and the game is part of the schools programs , including futsal is mandatory subject  in all   Physical Education Faculties  and private schools along with other olympics sports 
Falcao the world best player start to play organinized futsa in Sao Paulo at the age of 14 years old.
Penalty have been producing the best tool for the game for over  4 decades
teamwork is a mast in futsal 
official needs house leagues to refe at the top games 

The line is part of the court best place take one on 

 Coaching with Master Paulista 
 Coaching my son Lucas Mateus 
 Neymar in Futsal 
 Coaching futsal to teen agers at a Margirus private High School Margirus,  2012 ,  in Brazil 
Margirus College - High School futsal class 

 Grassroot program in Brazil's  with Coach Terence 

 With Coach Terence and the U7 futsal class 

Futsal Canada first Canadian  futsal team competing in a World Cup of Futsal .
Canadian National  Team 1985 Spain Futsal World Cup .
 coached by Carlos Mateus (r)   team Manager Charlie Cuzzetto ( L )  Charlie is the Futsal Chairperson at the Canadian Soccer Association and has been advocating for futsal for the past 30 years . 

Carlos Mateus Coaching Soccer on  Natural Grass in Brazil 
First Canadian Futsal team to travel overseas 1984 Brazil Futsal Pan American Cup 
formed mostly by Victoria West Soccer Club - Canadian Soccer Champions back to back 1982/83
they also won the first North American Futsal Cup played in Canada 1984 at Nanaimo Ice Hockey Arena  - Final  Game Futsal Canada 8 vs 3 US Futsal 
Penalty futsal ball USA youth futsal choice 

To continue the Canadian Futsal History , in 2002  I went back to Brazil to research the game of Futsal ,  in 2003 Lucas Mateus was Born - at the age of 5 years old Lucas  started futsal grassroots  coached by Terence Pereira  - Ferretti Futsal Methodology as well as coached by  Antonio Carlos  Martim - Paulista - former futsal professional player with Gercam , Blumenau Futsal, Joinville Kona Futsal .... ....

Coach Paulista - Antonio Carlos Martins former Gercan Futsal - with Lucas Mateus , going over futsal positioning tactics of the game . 
Canadian Futsal History
Women Futsal in  Canadian Futsal History
In Brazil researching the game of futsal  and Beach Soccer from grassroots to professional  level and enjoying retirement in 2013 
keeping in shape for the seniors games 
Futsal Canada History medal of participaction - 1984 from Futsal Brasil 
Futsal and Judo hardware -  some  more in the trunk 
Lucas Mateus getting a taste of Beach Soccer in Brazil .
Beach Soccer in my hometown Balneario Camboriu Brazil  - Provincial  Champions - 
with the Embraed Beach Soccer Team . 2011.
We beat the top seeded team in the final . Balneario Camboriu 6 Vs  4 Florianopolis Beach Soccer Selected .-  we were loosing in the second half  4 to 2 , but with some  strategy tactical movements- stay behind the ball line to still it   and giving the ball to the team  best dribbler  player  moving  to the attacking lane  , it worked  like a blitz  and we popped 4 goals under 5 minutes to the final whistle .
Janeilson  Pereira  - former futsal player from Parana, was named the game MVP  players and Tournament top scorer . 
Janeilson Pereira and Beach Soccer Coach Carlos Mateus champions at the first Beach Soccer Tournament in Santa Catarina,  organized by  Beach Soccer Catarinense Association 
Futsal Canada Jersey used in 1985
Futsal Canada  Jesrsey  by Umbro was one of the first one used by the Canadian  National Futsal Team representing Canada .
Compiled Picture from the Stardom of  Canadian Futsal History - that included international challenges ,  grassroots children program , women and mem futsal development in Canada.
FIFA Soccer History
First Futsal Canada World Cup Team 1985 Spain - Coached by the Brazilian Carlos Mateus ( back roll right) Charlie Cuzzetto Manager on the Left red jersey 
Canadian Futsal Team  in Spain II World Cup 1985 
Back roll , Kit manager Pasquale (Charlie) Cuzzetto, Ivan Belfiore, Don 
Joe Cuzzetto , Frank , Glen Johnson , Trainer   ,  Coach Carlos Mateus,
front row Andy Scott, JR, David McGill,  Gary Smith, Frank Lecce, Bob Clark and Frank Uele
In 1985, after five years developing futsal in Canada, primarily in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, we received from Fifusa, an invitation to participate at the Second World Futsal Championships in Spain.We realize that, it was an opportunity to spread futsal in the mainland and across Canada.The Vancouver Italian Canadian Soccer team was in Nanaimo playing in the Pacific Coast Semi-Pro Soccer league. Watching the game, Leo Beier and I, spotted some gifted soccer players. Talking to the Vancouver Team Manager  Charlie Cuzzetto, we went over details about futsal in Canada, and from that we arranged a meeting with the Vancouver players.Charlie and tthe Vancouver players, never saw a futsal ball or new the rules of the game, I explained about futsal and the event in Spain.

Without government funding, we formed a team, Charlie Cuzzetto 
did the manager duties, fundraising, booking gym time for training, and travel arrangement.

Due to working commitment, Canadian Futsal Team Head Coach Ike Mackay did not go to Spain. Carlos Mateus shared his  coaching knowledge with the players, as well as  made many trips on the Vancouver Island Ferry Boat. We had to pay for the travel air tickets, to represent Canada in the Second World Futsal Cup in Spain. The Brazilian sporting manufacturer Penalty sponsored the uniforms, and the Spanish Futsal Association paid for meals, accommodations and local transportation.

In Spain the  five star hotel , on the waterfront of a naturalist beach in Mar de Las Cana, (boarding Portugal), in the city of Huelva, Serville, was bonus .training futsal on the white sand, surrounded by topless tourist gathering was not an easy task.

However; Canada drew Uruguay, Spain and Australia.
In the first game against Uruguay, the Canadian Players shown the world that they were there to compete and displayed a great performance, before the seventeen years old, Canadian goalkeeper Frank Lecce, allows the Uruguayans score three times, one of our best player Ivan Belfiore had sum burn, only played in the second half. 
In the second game against Spain, Canada scored an impressive goal; the ball went between the Spanish keeper legs, Joe Cuzzetto, the goal scorer until now talks about it.

The Spanish team was well prepared, during the qualifying round robin, defeated Australia , Canada and Uruguay.  Brazil beat Spain in the final game,  3 to 1 to  claim  the second world title.
Canada, Japan , Australia and Holland were newcomers as well.

Carlos Mateus In Brazil 1988 Conference to move futsal do FIFA 
Representing Canada as the Presidente of Futsal Canada.

Official from Fifusas Presidente Januario DÁllesio to Carlos Mateus to start futsal in Canada
Aboriginal Cup 1987 Committee 
Futsal Canada   Founder President Carlos Mateus creator of the Aboriginal Cup 
Canadian Futsal Aboriginal History

 Researching the game in Brazil 
Six years old playing futsal at it best for the age 
Futsal Canada in Brazil Grand Prix 2007 
How futsal start in Canada in the 80,s
 Futsal in Japan 
Unochapeco  World best Women  Futsal Team 
 Neymar is in the pic. 
Neymar with his futsal coach betinho - 
 meeting Jorginho and Cezar Prate -  Brazilian National soccer team player - 1984 USA World Cup 
Playing  on grass with the old timers  in Brazil 
 Interviewing Falcao 2005 
Radio Camboriu sports show behind the ball line  
 Playing  soccer with the good old boys in Brazil 
Top women futsal player 
 Brazilian Newspaper - representing Futsal Canada anual general meeting from Fifusa to FIFA 
 First Canadian futsal team 1984 - most of the player were on the team that won the north america cup beating USA Futsal 9 to 4 in the final Game ,  may 1984 in Nanaimo Canada 
 Fathers day challenge with son Lucas school where futsal was part of the schooling 
 Coaching futsal to youth player in Brazil 
 Terence coaching and I disturbing with a camera 
 bach roll first on the right - moved from futsal to play on grass - Juvenile - Figuerense Futebol clube of  Brazilian premier division - had my go at it !   
Neymar and friends at the Beach  
 Lucas Mateus first toy 
Beach Soccer for fun with son Lucas before winning the state cup .