Thursday, August 25, 2016

Neymar and Nine others from the Brazilian Olympic Team 2016 Gold Medal started playing in Futsal

Friday, July 8, 2016

Futsal World University Championships - Brazil won both Women and Men - Canada Women Team came forth - Renata Adamatti Top Scorer - World's Best Women Futsal Players

If you would like to know more about the University Futsal Championships got to link >   Mens final video  Brazil Vs Russia Women Final  Brazil vs Russia 

"enough futsal  material to learn from the best "

After a week  of Futsal World Championships in Brazil  , both  Brazilian men and women won in the final games over Russia , 
Renata Adamant was the women top scorer and was awarded the event MVP and voted the world best futsal player 

Canada  University Futsal participated  and came in fourth place 

Brazil vs Portugal video link great game 

Canada Women  Futsal Universitary Vs Russian Futsal  above link 
Meeting Renata Adamatti 
 Futsal Feminino Fenomeno 
Brazil vs France Futsal 

   Six  years ago in Balneario Camboriu ,Brazil

walking on the the Central Beach with my good old friend salonista Paulista - Antonio Carlos Martins , we stopped alongside the sidewalk to watch a girls beach soccer game , on the blue team was this young player wearing the jersey number 9 . I was delighted with hers superior playing abilities and athleticism .  Paulista who is a player scout agreed with me and  decided to meat Renata Adamatti - Paulista  already had plans for Renata to play soccer , but she was in Balneario Camboriu on a scholarship to play for futsal for a private high school and play the Brazilian National Futsal Championships U17 that Renatta and hers teammate won the title .  Renata tried out to play full field soccer with the Brazilian National team , but was in futsal that she carved her destiny to become one of the world's best women futsal players .
Since then I have been following Renata futsal trajectory of success .   

vou colocar mais fotos e concluir essa historia de sucesso de uma jovem atleta   guerreira  determinada a vencer  .  

for more information and watch the games and videos go to the link above  or you may visit Renata's Facebook page below 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Canadian National Futsal Team in Costa Rica - CONCACAF QUALIFIER FOR THE WORLD CUP IN COLOMBIA 2016

Canadian National Futsal Team in Costa Rica - CONCACAF  QUALIFIER    FOR THE WORLD CUP IN COLOMBIA 2016 -

Futsal has  been played  in Canada since the  80's  and has attended several international futsal events including world cups , Pan american cup, Australia Pacific Cup , world club championships , Aboriginal Cups .  But only now  Soccer Canada has found some funding to develop the game of futsal in Canada .

Canadian Futsal Championships for youth and adult players where held in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. for more information , please visit the homepage Futsal Canada

Also visit Soccer Canada for more detail about de continuation of futsal development in Canada

Canadian Robert Renauld  challenged by two Americans  in Costa Rica 

First Canadian Futsal Teams 

Futsal has been played in Canada since the 80's . 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Canadian First Nations Futsal League - Road to Brazil 2017.

Picture from the first semi pro futsal league played in British Columbia back in the 90,s 
the Final game was played in Nanaimo 
Vancouver Island Select vs Vancouver Whitecaps 
with professional players such as Carl Valentine, Dominic Mobilio , Paul Dolan , Watson , Victor Montagliani - now CSA President . Charlie Cuzzetto was the Vancouver team manager - now CSA Futsal Chairperson. 
Make me believe that futsal future will shine in Canada . 
 Has been a long road in Canadian futsal History . 
" if we want to be competitive in the Concacaf we must have a futsal program starting at the grassroots . 
Mexican Kids start playing in futsal and move to play organized soccer on U13 teams 
Same happens in most south and central americans nations . USA is developing futsal program including a professional futsal league.  
Futsal Canada Pioneers on the road to Brazil next Challenge 

The oldest ongoing Futsal League in Canada wrapped up on Sunday , April 12 2016
A well organized League saw eleven men and six women futsal teams competing for the top prize 
I Participated with some games refereeing during the playoffs ..
League organizer Craig George - Cowichan Tribes Counsel member  did such a great job running the league and the playoffs to the small details.
" I would like once again thank you the Cowichan Futsal people for the recognition 
as the futsal founder in Canada  and bring futsal to the Canadian First Nations  people . 

 Packed stand watching the games 
 Visiting old friends in futsal 
 Timekeepers with a true smile 
 Futsal pioneers and young ones 
 Futsal in the Cowichan Tribes became part of the First Nations Sporting Events Calendar 
Cowichan Eagles Futsal Women Team  2016 League Champions and playoffs second place 
 Penelakut Island  Ladies Futsal team playoffs Champions  2016

Packed stands  and lot of action 
Full house in every league and playoffs games that make me believe Cowichan futsal has the biggest crowd in Canada futsal events .
At the end of the futsal league and playoffs " Good Games , Cheers and Hardware for the winners 
" Good Game " 
the good old boys of futsal in Canada

Dwayne George former Futsal National Team  presents hardware to league Champions playoffs finalist Cowichan Eagle Women Futsal Team 
Cowichan Eagle Ladies Futsal 2016 League Champions 

Action end to end at Cowichan futsal League and Playoffs 
Those girl can really kick but 
Between games kids invade the court to play with the futsal ball  part of the entreitment  
Craig George Cowichan Tribes Counsel Member is one of the Futsal League organizer .
Well done , Well deserved .   Craig started playing futsal at the age of sixteen travel the world with Canadian futsal team including trips to Australia - Aboriginal Cup 
It was like a tribe war on the futsal court , but at the end was all about "Good Game handshake" 

Shell Beach are the new Cowichan Futsal League Champions 
Yes we are taking two Canadian First Nation teams to play in Brazil as well as participating in Futsal, Beach Soccer and Soccer Clinics done by Brazilians  FIFA Certified Coaches .