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Futsal Tips - Goalie 5th player ..

Futsal Tips  - Goalie 5th Player  

 Futsal Tips 

Futsal goalkeeper  5th player 

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Nanaimo Judo History by Lucas Mateus & Carlos Mateus

Nanaimo  Judo History -  New Millennium Judokas  and Club Instructors  pic by Rosi Silva. 
top pic. Nanaimo Judo Club 2014 

Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture  1980 Judo Program coached by Carlos Mateus 
Sensei Carlos Mateus Judo Canada Black Belt 2nd Degree since 1984
Pic.  Nanaimo Dr. Darren Biggs from Ice Hockey to Judo at the Nanaimo Parks Culture and Recreation

Judo  Re-birth In Nanaimo , 1979 ,- "after have met Sensei Joe MacPeek coaching judo at the Malaspina College Gym . 
 My dad Carlos Mateus  volunteer to   started a Judo self defence program at the Nanaimo Parks  Recreation and Culture . The judo program started in the fall 1979  with 36 people signed up , from that the program developed to 120  people sign up for ongoing year around judo sessions. Judo become one of the Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture recreational major sporting   event with a great number of participants second only to the swimming club .

The  judo program success led to  form the Nanaimo Parks and recreation judo club affiliated to judo BC , that became the Sanshiro Judo Club coached by my father Sensei Carlos Mateus -Brazilian recognized Black Belt - National Military Champion Navy Seal Team and Marine Corps Head-Coach  team Champion  area Rio de Janeiro Brazil ,  Sensei Carlos Mateus was bringing to Nanaimo a great deal of judo expertise and experience, that produced Champions in the 80's -  90's - just to mention a few - the brothers - Kermen Larsen and Karl Larsen   , Jason Fisher , Brett Watters , the Brothers- Robert Davey and Nick Davey as we as father Jerry Davey - who walked at the Sanshiro Judo with an yellow belt to become a Black Belt 2nd degree and a ticket of Judo Canada National Referee B ticket. 
Jerry Davey representing Sanshiro Judo Club in a  Judo Tournament  Held in Campbell River Jerry Davey tested   his judo skill that he brought from England and at the Sanshiro Judo Club Nanaimo ,  by fighting the former  Canadian Champion Black Belt 2rd Dan Butch Sloan.   Jerry Davey  holder of an orange belt , attempted a few judo throws before a sharp uchimata performed by Butch Sloan   to a full ippon " .   

Sensei Mateus Nidan -diploma signed by Jigoro Kano grandson Yukimitsu Kano - 1984  President of Kodokan  Judo .

Sensei Carlos Mateus  Sanshiro Judo Club and Sensei Joe MacPeek Nanaimo Judo Club  joining the 2 Nanaimo Judo Clubs together for practice and fellowship  

bottom pic- Brett Watters showing Eri Seoi Nage judo technique during work out at the Sanshiro Judo Club 

Brett Watters  started a new generation of Judo champions in the Nanaimo Judo History . Initially coached by my father sensei Carlos Mateus - Brett  Watters enjoyed  the Judo BC Team to competing on the national judo tournament and won gold  in Montreal National Judo Championships as well as countless   judo medals in event across BC and Canada.

 " Led By Sensei Carlos Mateus members of the  Sanshiro Nanaimo Judo Club travelled to all judo event there was in the 80"s including  all the way up to Kamloops, Prince George , Vernon and  many other community on the Great Vancouver area  such as Burnaby Judo Tournament,  Steveston Judo . 

We raffled loads of firewood to raise funds to pay for  Brett Watters travel expenses to attend the National Judo Canada sanctioned championship as the Judo BC claimed not have funds for Brett to train in Vancouver. other Sanshiro Judokas brought many gold to Nanaimo . 

Since my father Sensei Carlos Mateus was a featherweight judo champion in Brazil , His accurately technique was passed easy to young light weight kids -  
pic Sensei Mateus far left coaching teens and adults at the Parks and Recreation judo program that started a new Nanaimo Judo Club called the Nanaimo Recreation Judo Club . There were more 120 registraded judokas including the Nanaimo Parks and Recreation Manager that signed up for judo class , as well as members of the RCMP Auxiliaries .  

bottom pic Brett Watters the front row 3rd from the right and Robert Davey led the Nanaimo Judo Club in Medal winning with sharp judo throwing technique surprising many Judo BC  coaches . 
picture of the amalgamation between the two Nanaimo Judo Clubs  
Naomi Nomura and Teresa Swam led the Girls on the medals winning .  

Nanaimo judo club initially developed in the 60's , but,  in the late 70's Nanaimo Juo Club  was having a problem with a clubhouse or a place to establish a permanent dojo. Nanaimo Judo Club  moved  in several rental places - including a Dojo under the Queens Hotel by the China Steps- that dojo was  flooded with rain infiltration , damaged mostly the old  straw tatamis  - 

 Sensei Joe McPeek lead the Nanaimo Judo Club  to the old Malaspina College Gymnasium in the winter of 1979 - Was there that my father met Sensei Joe and enjoyed a judo class , but the college  gym roof - air  bubble caved in with a heavy snow and the Nanaimo judo club   moved again - renting  a small room upstair the old building of AAMCO Transmission at the Terminal Ave- the smell of  oil and other chemical was not so good for the student health . My father went there for judo workout and met sensei Sugi Tabata tha had moved to Nanaimo from the Kamloops  Judo Club . 
Sensei Joe MacPeek and judocas of the Nanaimo Judo Club got together several time for joint workouts and local tournament that lead to  the first Vancouver Island  invitational Judo tournament held at the Bowen Park auditorium . 

Berna Van Der Laan attempting to apply a holding down 

Nanaimo Judo Clubs getting together with Sensei Joe MacPeek  ( no longer with us) and Carlos Mateus - " I would call that the renovation  of the Nanaimo Judo - after that tournament in 1981 held by Sanshiro Judo Club , Nanaimo Judo start to blooming again and nanaimo black belts started to come out of the woodworks . 

Vancouver Island Invitational Judo Tournament
host by  Sanshiro Judo Club  at the Bowen Park Complex 

In order  to get a permanente dojo status at the Gyro  Park community recreation multi use building ,  there were some fights  with other group users over the facility - The Minor Baseball  had it almost full ownership of the building , baseball  equipment were scared all over the building as if they had it exclusive and making   complaints about the Sanshiro Judo Club judo mats not being taken down after the classes 

Due to  scheduling conflicts - who gets the the prime time to have the classes . Since my father Carlos Mateus - was on the Parks and Recreation   staff  as building Maintenance Lead Hand  , Sanshiro Judo Club won the use of the clubhouse permanently for Olympic Martial Artes in Nanaimo . Since Kick Box was a professional sports they moved out.   

Sanshiro Judo Club was a community club runned by volunteer .
Judo Club elected Secretary  Ute Ewert wrote the  Constitution signed by lawyer John Ewert - according to   The BC Society Registry as a  Non Profit sports organization as well as  paid member of Judo BC - 

 Member of the Nanaimo Judo Club went on to meet with the Parks and Recreation Management  to find out more about renting a place to set up their dojo , from that recommendation for an amalgamation between the two nanaimo judo clubs was on the table 

 Sanshiro Judo Club member led by sensei Mateus and  the Nanaimo Judo Club led by Sensei Mac Peek  agreed to joint the two clubs , and the continuing of the use of the Sanshiro Judo Club dojo  at  Gyro Youth Center Community building.  
Nanaimo Judo Club was welcomed to move in under a new constitution and by law registered under the BC Society Acts  as a non profit organization administered by  an elected executive and directors . 

Sensei Carlos Mateus  Nanaimo Sanshiro Judo Club Belt Grading  
Licenced to Coach 

Promoting judo in Nanaimo during Nanaimo Day Parade - float built by Jerry Davey - Owner Manager of Buck Island Construction - Jerry Davey and others club members assisted by volunteers renovated the inside of the dojo removing four standing post replaced by steel beams making more room for the tatami area.

Teus ( Mike ) Mateus grew up doing judo at the  Sanshiro Nanaimo Judo Club - Mike  at the age of 16 teen  he beat some of top judocas in Vancouver and won  a place in the BC  Judo  team - training at the University of British Columbia - UBC . Mike competed  in the West Canada Judo Championship held in Vancouver and a bronze medal on the senior men division fighting black and brown belts - a Knee injury  and  three medical operation ended Teus Mateus judo career . But .  Teus Mateus would love to go back and practice some judo with his lil brother Lucas Mateus  as well as assist coaching  kids .

pic- Futsal Canada founder Carlos Mateus wearing one of the first Futsal Canada Jersey sponsored by Umbro Canada and Soccer Imports of White Rocks 

Due to the commitment to develop the game of futsal in Canada , my father Carlos Mateus took a break from coaching judo , but he always kept practicing judo anywhere he went with Futsal Canada Developing futsal in Canada he visited  several countries around the world putting the City of Nanaimo on the map - Australia, USA, Argentina , Spain , England , Holland and some in Central America -  That earned Carlos Mateus  a place on the book of the history of Soccer Canada by  written by  Les Jones - Canadian Soccer Hall of the Fame Past  Presidente and Soccer Canada Staff on the page 184 of the 250 pages were  Carlos Mateus is officially recognized  as the first developer and founder of  Futsal in Canada , that is now under FIFA umbrella . 
Futsal Canada by Les Jones Soccer Canada  150 Years History Book 

Back coaching kids Judo in Nanaimo 
  Nanaimo Judo Club teaching the art of Judo Kodokan 
 Lucas Mateus getting  to know  the Nanaimo Dojo first  developed by father sensei Carlos Mateus in nanaimo under the name of Sanshiro Judo Club of Nanaimo  

For those that would like to know more about my judo background ,
I am  presently a volunteer instructor  at the Nanaimo Judo Club , British Columbia Judo and Judo Canada Member. 
Brazilian Navy Physical Education Centro - a certified P.E College  /CEFAN - Centro de Educacao Fisica da Marinha do do Brasil 
Brazilian Navy Physical Education Centre Admiral Adalberto Nunes 

Brazilian Navy Seal   Team Certificate  of Participation  Head  Coach Champion at the Navy Championships Area Rio de Janeiro -RJ- Brazil 

That is where we trained ,  I had the opportunity to be coached with the best there was in Brazilian Judo as well   learned the art with the masters . 
Training including - weight room , running  the Cooper .  That was before moving to Canada 1978 

3rd Sergeant   Carlos Mateus Head Nurse - at the Navy Seal Marine Corps  General  Hospital .  Retired 
presently volunteer instructor at Nanaimo Judo Club in Canada 

Nanaimo Judo Club  sensei Carlos Mateus   with  sensei  Yoshimasa Nagashima -   Brazilian Highest  judo  degree  in Rio de Janeiro . performing Nage no Kata 
Nanaimo judo sensei Carlos Mateus  with  sensei Yoshimasa  Nagashima 
,  sensei Yoshimasa  Nagashima age 76 years old   "sensei Nagashima was our mentor , He came from Japan to Brazil and developed judo in Rio de Janeiro I was very luck to have learned from the best there was in Brazil Judo 

 Nanaimo Judo Club Carlos Mateus  with Judo Master Ioshimasa Nagashima - receiving a trophy  from   Sensei Nagashima - who moved from Japan to Brazil and made his home in Rio de Janeiro . Sensei Nagashima taught Judo at the Brazilian Navy - full time  from 8 to 11:30 am Monday to Friday  - that included mat work on afternoons -  weekends judo  tournaments  as well as workout  during 3 months full time - mornings - full practice and afternoon groundwork -  at the Navy Physical Education Centre,  where the navy judo team  would concentrate for full training with other  top senseis -in order to compete at the annual  National Military Judo Championships 

Brazilian Marine Corps Navy Seal Team Champion Carlos Mateus - 60 Kg feather weight - .
 2nd from left front roll -Sergeant Mateus - team of 7 judocas champion won first match by 2 wazari  

Brazilian Marine Corps - Navy Seal Team Champion n 1976 
Selecao de Judo da Marinha do Brasil Campea 
Cleaning up some  judo and futsal hard and software ,

Brazilian Navy Seal Team Sensei Mateus 6th front roll won team gold medal at the Military National Judo Championship 
3rd Sergeant Mateus  60K -feather weight at the Brazilian National Military Judo Championship Champion  Team Navy Seals 
 Bronze , Silver and Gold at the Nacional from 1967 to 1978 Brazilian Navy Judo Team
Gone fishing with son Lucas Mateus 

Nanaimo Judo Club Sensei Carlos Mate Mateus-  Judo Canada  Black Belt Association  - Sensei Carlos Mateus Developing Judo Nanaimo Parks and Recreation program in 1980 
Nanaimo Judo Sensei Carlos Mateus with Japan Champion  Kunitaka Matsuda  .  Clinic  During  and Judo Training  at the Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro  1977 
six month of judo classes  with one of the best Judoka sent by Kodokan  exchange  with Judo Brasil 

Sensei Carlos Mateus Coaching Judo in Brazil  got a great surprises by the member a Happy First Birthday Cake for Daughter Michele Mateus at the Judo Club in Rio de Janeiro Brazil developed by Sensey Carlos Mateus before moving to Canada with wife Celina Mateus - no longer with us  victim  of a  breast cancer . 

Promoting Judo in Nanaimo  Parade  Day 
Promoting judo in Nanaimo Parade Day 

Carlos Mateus and  wife Rosi Silva  "  It is good to be back at Nanaimo judo Club  in Canad

proud to pass Judo to my kids  as well as my favourite judo technique Eri seoi nage
Lucas Mateus in judo since 7 year old  - first gold medal in his first Judo contest  won all his match by ippon - full poin
Lucas Mateus applying Ippon Seio Nage in the final gold medal match in Brazil 
Lucas Mateus applying  Hon Kesa Gatame in the semifinal match 
Member of Judo Canada  Black Belt Association  - Sensei Carlos Mateus Developing Judo Nanaimo Parks and Recreation program in 1980 

Judo Sensei - Luis, Matsuda and Mateus 
Nanaimo Judo Sensei Carlos Mateus with Japan Champion  Kunitaka Matsuda  .  Clinic  During  and Judo Training  at the Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro  
six month of judo classes  with one of the best Judoka sent by Kodokan  exchange  with Judo Brasil 
That was the best judo coaching experience as well as participating in varios Katas such as Nage no Kata , Katame no Kata and others judo kata.
That was one year before I moved to Canada .
Judo Sensei - Luis, Matsuda and Mateus 

 Nanaimo Judo Club Judo Judoka Mike Teus Mateus - former BC Judo Team at the West Canada Tournament drawn the picture   of the founder of Judo Sensei Jigoro Kano- Water drawn picture   by  in British Columbia Canada 1995.

 Nanaimo Judo club Carlos Mateus 1969 Brazilian Navy Team competing in Rio de Janeiro National Military Judo Championships 
Sensei Mateus Coaching association of Canada membership 

Certificado de Faixa Preta pela a Confederaçao Brasileira de Judo  registro  pelo o   Sensei  
 Cordeiro. Presidente da CBJ

Lucas at age 7 in Brazil 

Attending Physical Education  Faculty  FEFIS in the city of Santos , Brazil

Sensei Carlos Mateus and son Lucas enjoyed the  judo class at the FME Balneario Camboriu Olympic Centre 
in Brazil 
                             Nanaimo Judo  Sensei Carlos Mateus Kodokan 2nd degree  Certificate  
Nanaimo Carlos Mateus Judo Canada coaching certification
Carlos Mateus at the Nanaimo Judo Club British Columbia Canada 
Volunteering  in the community judo 

with son Lucas Mateus 
getting in shape for the seniors game in Montreal 
with personal training to get back on the mat 

   own newspaper  in Brazil 
Nanaimo Judo Sensei Carlos Mateus hometown city of Balneario Camboriu - in Br
 Nanaimo judo sensei   Carlos Mateus with  Rosi Silva at  International Rotary Club Atlantico  members in Brazil 
Rosi at International Rotary Club Award in Brazil 
Acknowledgement for betterment of the city of Balneario Camboriu 

Nanaimo Judo sensei Carlos Mateus  in Brazil 100%  Member award International Rotary Club Atlantico 
Nanaimo Carlos Mateus  Rotary Club Award Night 

 University Gama Filho in Brazil Black Belt judo clinic  - with Aureo during Sensei Kunitaka Matsuda  workshop

 In Brazil enjoying  retirement with son Lucas Mateus who loves judo and surfing .
Futsal in Brazil - Kaka and Lucas Mateus at the  City of Balneario Camboriu  Estilo Livre Futsal Academia Coach Terence Pereira. 

Pictures from

top  right left midfielder player maker Carlinhos as they called Carlos Mateus  growing up playing soccer at the juniors on the Figueirense - Professional - that plays in the Brazilian premier division- picture at the Orlando Scarpelli Soccer Field  in Brazil .

Coaching Judo and futsal 

Being On the winning team playing an coaching 
Back in the Dojo 
training to keep in shape 
Judo Canada 
Judo In Nanaimo 
Carlos Mateur - back roll 1st on the left -Coaching the Canadian National Futsal Team in Australia Futsal Pacific Cup 1987 
In Sydney Australia  hotel room  during the Australian Pacific Futsal Cup 1987