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Who Should Be the Canadian Futsal Team Coach.  

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The Canadian Soccer Association is in the process of selection it's futsal coaching staff for the upcoming  Concacaf qualifying berth for the 2016 Futsal  World Cup In Colombia.

Since there is no national futsal league in Canada , it is a difficult task for the Canadian Soccer Association  futsal committee chaired by Charlie Cuzzetto .

There are a few people in Canada with futsal knowledge of the game played on court .
From West Coast with 25 years futsal playing experience Dwayne George - Pe School Teacher ,  He is coaching futsal  at the Cowichan  Tribes for past 18 years . He played  futsal  for  Cowichan Eagle . Dwayne has a long history in futsal since it's stardom in Canada  - a dozen of international games under his belt , which includes, world cup in Italy and Australia . There is more Futsal players at the Cowichan Tribes been one of  them  Alec Johnnie - perhaps one one of the best futsal player produced in Canadian futsal History - Alec scored goals against Brazil and Paraguay - I do no know no that has done that -

Brazilian born  Geraldo Ferrari would be my pick ,  Ferrari played futsal in Brazil and coached futsal in Montreal and has been involved with soccer in Nova Scotia.

Also I would have the Colombian  born Jaime Meza as an assistant coach .

Jaime played good level of futsal back in his old country - Colombia Futsal and has been involved in the development of futsal in Saskatchewan and in Canada.

Kris Fernandes is one of the drive force of the continuing development  of futsal in Canada ,    and should be considered   for a position with the Canadian National Futsal  Team  along with Marcelo  (Minhoca)  Zuge as coaching advisor - of course there  are other applicants that are learning about the game of futsal , but are eager to take on  the job.

It is crucial that we have experienced futsal  coaching staff to represent Canada  in such a high profile event .

Also,  there are some old timers  , such as Canadian born and former  Canadian Soccer Association soccer player and former   futsal Canada coaches Ike Mackay- who captained Canada 8 Vs 3 US Futsal  - in the first North American Futsal meeting  . Les Malbon  and myself who have been with the game of futsal since it's stardom in Canada .

There are other names to consider,  but,  Geraldo Ferrari has the futsal knowledge,  expertise , experience,  and leadership  required to conduct an elite Canadian Futsal Team.

I know that there are good soccer/futsal players to form a Canadian Futsal Team to qualify Canada in the Concacaf region and represent well our country in Colombia.

Futsal Coaches  Jaime Meza and  Geraldo Ferrari during a Canadian Futsal Coaching Clinic 2014 - in Ontario - Coach Ferrari addressed futsal   clinic for  new coaches  based on the Brazilian school method of futsal  

Coach Ferrari  from Futsal to Soccer he knows it at all 
From Sao Paulo Brazil Geraldo Ferrari played and coach futsal in Brazil and now in Halifax ,Canada. 

Canadian Futsal  Coach Jaime Meza Learning from the masters  - Futsal Coaches get together to polish their delivering  , 
Picture of Fernando Ferretti with Jaime Meza during a two week long futsal coach course  addressed by Futsal Master Coach  Fernando Ferretti and associates  at the Krona Futsal Club in Brazil in 2015 .
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I love to win ! My last winning was at the Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil - Beach Soccer Championships 2012 with the Embraed Beach Soccer Team 
Nothing but gold and the game MVP.
  If you wanna be a coach , you got to show what it takes , it is not just have a coaching ticket from a  couple weekend coaching clinic , you got to get a few lost and winning  games during the apprenticeship before be considered to coach a top elite team .  

You can not bring a futsal to play on grass or synthetic grass. Soccer coaches should not run soccer practice on hard surface with a soccer ball , that is due to injuries and insurance liability .
Here there is your application or visit the link above 

According to sources , It appears that CSA  has  a name picked from Canada , someone that   speaks French /Spanish and English   
We will see in January !!!

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Futsal Coaching tips by Carlos Mateus e Antonio Martim - Paulista

In futsal or soccer , most of the goals are scored on the far post , usually refered the second post on the Brazilian Random Method . 
The team that robers more ball during a game is more like to win the match. 

Mateus and  Paulista 
Coaches of  Futsal , Beach Soccer and Soccer 
Brazilian Random Method  School of Coach 
"How to produce a Messi ,Neymar or Lucas   "
Mateus and Paulista at the 2007 Futsal Grand Prix in Brazil Technical Conference representing Futsal Canada

Carlos Mateus and Antonio Martim- Paulista together they accumulated half century of futsal expertises and experience to produce a winning team.

If you are looking for a winning coach - whatever is your game Football / soccer,  futsal / Beach Soccer,
Paulista and Carlos Mateus have played it at all from amateur to professional level.
Both are full qualified to coaches  of the FIFA;s Sports at any level .

Paulista is in Brazil and Carlos in Canada  involved in local football , futsal, and Beach Soccer. But your call or email may change your team status from the bottom  to the top of your league standings

Paulista played futsal with the old timers such as Zego, Rivelino and many others.
Paulista last coaching   win was the  first division soccer championships  in Balneario Camboriu.

Carlos Mateus- Played football/soccer and futsal in Brazil and in Canada , as well as founded the first Canadian futsal club , that led to a league to a formation of the Futsal Canada.
Carlos Mateus coached Futsal Canada and won the first North America Cup 1984-
Canada 8 USA Futsal 3 .

You out looking for coaches to develop or improve your team   futsal , soccer and beach soccer- Paulista and Carlos Mateus would like to hear from you , to build a winning team with the Brazilian Random Method- not just take Brazilian professional players , but coaches that will produce players and new coaches

Carlos and Paulista will co- coach any team at any professional  level as long as there will be players willing to learn the Brazilian  Random Method.

"We work well together "Carlos brings a great deal of international coaching experience and Paulista is regarded one of the best certified coach in Brazil - too many courses to be list here , but Paulista only speaks Portuguese-  but Carlos speaks English to connect the coaching addressed by Paulista can be a head coach in any soccer team playing professional league .-

Carlos Mateus coaching college level  in Brazil  2012 
Carlos Mateus Beach Soccer Provincial Cup Coach Champion with Embraed team 
T o coach futsal one must know the court lines 
Carlos Mateus with Falcao in  Brazil , 2003 
Paulista tactical futsal  class to my son Lucas 

Carlos with  Carioca 

World best women futsal team Unochapeco 
Carlos Mateus coaching youth Beach Soccer in Brazil 
Carlos Mateus Coaching beach soccer for a youth program in Brazil as guest coach 
Coaching certificate 
coaching clinics by Carlos Mateus 

Paulista Coaching the AABB - led to National championships 

Call Carlos at 1 250 7400845  or email to
Coaching together  in harmony Paulista e Carlos can produce a Neymar 
in less than five years coaching a youth program.

bottom picture Coach Carlos Mateus with son Lucas at the Father's Day Futsal Tournament.
At the age of 58 Carlos played  three games won two and  lost in the semis in  the team made out of former futsal players parenting of the kids  
We believe that a CV is not necessary the blog has it at all about Paulista and Mateus coaching achievements

Bottom picture Antonio C. Martim - know in by the name of  Paulista-  front row 3rd -playing Futsal at the Brazilian National league teams from 1976 to 1989.
Paulista played on the great Sao Paulo  Gercan Futsal Team, Joinville Tigers and many others of the Brazilian National league, to finish his playing career in  the Brazilian  German Blumenau.
Paulista played on the same league on the saame  time that Sapo, Jackson, Morruga and many others well know players that   now  are coaching professional futsal in Brazil and overseas. 
Formers Brazilian National Team at  All Brazilian Stars Jorginho 1994 WC team Champion,  coach Paulista, Marcio Santos -1994 wc champion e Cesar Prates - Real Madrid and many top teams in Brazil

 bottom picture Carlos Mateus front row 1st from the right head coach of the Canadian Futsal Team 
playing at the 1985 Spain World Cup
Carlos Mateus ( L ) Head Coach Canadian Futsal Team
Australia Pacific Cup

Paulista - front row 3rd from left -with the Brazilian All Star Soccer Team playing for charity
formers Brazilian professional players including Marcio Santos and Jorginho World Cup team 1994 Champions 

Old timers celebrities playing for fundraising 

Paulista  coaching beach soccer 
Top Brazilian Coach for Hire - Fifa's agent not needed to apply - 

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Soccer Canada History - 150 Years Soccer History Book of Memorable pictures by Les Jones

Futsal and Soccer Canada History by Les Jones 

Futsal' pioneer back in Nanaimo 
Nanaimo Daily News  Sports Writer Ross  Armour 

I am proud to have  brought  Futsal from Brazil to Canada in 1978  as well as  be part of the history of Futsal Canada as the founder and developer of the game   during three decades , have coached the first Canadian Futsal National Team representing Canada at the first appearance at a world cup of futsal held   in Spain 1985
Canada Women Futsal Team

Canadian Futsal crowed at futsal stardom in Nanaimo , British Columbia Canada .
during the game Best of Three series  = Canada 2 VS 1 Australia

 Futsal Aboriginal Cup  Futsal Canada 3 VS 0 Australia best of three games series played  in the majors cities of the West Coast of Canada where futsal started  - Nanaimo , Victoria and Vancouver
 Victoria West ,  In futsal stardom in Canada   9  Vs 3 USA Futsal   in Canada at the First  Futsal  North America Cup
Futsal stardom in Canada  youth program played on cement court
Futsal Canada first grassroots program at the Vancouver Island University Gymnasium
Carlos Mateus Building the first futsal goal post in Canada
 Representing Canada as the presidente of Futsal Canada and cast my vote  to go to  FIFA VS FIFUSA
 Carlos Mateus( top roll 3rd from R) representing Futsal Canada in Sao Paulo Brazil at the FIFA VS FIFUSA Conference . Casted my vote to go to FIFA
First Canadian Futsal World Cup Team Spain 85  Captained by Carlos Mateus

Futsal got going back east of Canada, Bob Luft as pioneer in the City of London , Saint Thomas  and periphery . I recall that Bob Luft Called me requesting more information on the game of futsal as well as the rules of the game and soccer ball - I sent him a couple futsal ball .

 Led by Bob Luft Futsal started in Ontario
 Bob Luft sent me these picture way back in the late 80's
Futsal has been around for more than three decades in Canada , mostly of the players were from organized soccer clubs in their region of play

 Canada Futsal first appearance at the Brazilian Grand Prix 2007 led by Goalkeeper Roy Blanche the only Canadian on that team that is still continuing  the development of futsal in Canada in the Toronto City area , as well as , Roy Blanche  played  and coached  professional futsal in Asia.
Based on his dedication, experience and knowledge in futsal , Roy Blanche  should be highly considered  to be the Coach of  the Canadian National  Futsal Team , "or my assistant ! , so he can pick up some futsal  tips from the master"  !  
futsal Canada  grassroots  in 1980 
Who scored the First goal for Canada in a Futsal World Cup ? 
Joe Cuzzetto scored the first goal for Canada  in a Canadian Futsal in a world Cup  , that was  at  the 1985 Spain  Futsal World Cup - the goal was against the Spanish team  on the World Cup opening game . " the ball passed through  the Spanish goalkeeper legs Cuzzetto can brag about it for the rest of his life  -  because,  that goal  was a beauty and I was the coach . Canada was a newcomer and the only team under two digites against on the score board. I consider that a winning result and a great experience as the game was in its first stage of development in Canada. " to be more considered , I believe to be  the first Brazilian to coach  futsal to a foreign country at a futsal world cup .

The 1985 Spain Futsal World Cup  was not under FIFA umbrella  , so what ! It was the best futsal in the world  and Brazil beat Spain in the Final game in Madrid  - The event led the game to be part of FIFA and be part of Soccer Canada . I hope that sports writers get this straight and not try to change the  history of Futsal Canada 

Bottom Pic.  in Memory  of Dominic Mobilio 
Victor Montagliani now  Soccer Canada President  played futsal on the first professional soccer league in Canada organized by Carlos Mateus  in the Great Vancouver and Vancouver island of  British Columbia '

Vancouver 86ers Futsal team champions of the 1st professional futsal league held in British Columbia by Futsal Canada   - Carl Valentine, Dominico Mobilio, Dan Lenarduzzi. Steve Nash ..  were some of the team players . Charlie Cuzzetto team manager . Victor Montagliani ( top L)   went from Futsal Player to  President of Soccer Canada .
The legue game final was played at the The University of Vancouver Island - former Malaspina college . the game was televised by Shaw Cable - Ian Thorpe did the play by play and Les Malbon the commentator in the game that that went on the history of Futsal Canada .
That was the first battle that brought together futsal in Canada . 

I would like to cote that "the 1989  Fifa World Cup played in Holland , the Canadian Futsal team  led by Paul Dolan under the 3 meter pipes , was made up  with  veteran soccer players - kind off picked up team with    Bob Lenarduzzi   that never played organized futsal before" There was an invitation from Fifa organizer  to Soccer  Canada  to represent under CSA and  not Futsal Canada. Since 
Argentina declined to move to FIFA,  therefore, Argentina team was also made up with veterans and  amateur  soccer players   with no  futsal competition experience. 
- History has this things and the "wanna be" trying to get free ink . But. I am glad that - Les Jones contact me in Brazil to collaborate  in his book with the true history of Futsal in  Canada  .  

Soccer Canada and true history  of futsal in Canada 
Futsal on page 185 - the interesting part is that there were no pictures from the futsal stardom in Canada , but here are some true pictures  with winning results

 It was called Futsal before we moved to FIFA 
 The First Futsal North American Cup -  final game - Futsal  Canada 9 VS USA Futsal 3

 We had all kind of volunteers helping the development of Futsal in the west coast of Canada 
We had a logotype , but we went from Fifusa to FIFA 
Organized mess,  but,  it is futsal pioneering scrap book video casset tapes that tells the history of futsal in Canada  - that should go to the Canadian Sports Hall of the Fame under Pioneer . 

 Sponsored by Molson Canadian  was a big thing during the stardom of futsal in Canada 
 Futsal Canada in Brazil was the big thing for Brazilians Futsal Fans and sports writers 
 Futsal Canada led by Carlos Mateus  in Brazil for the first time , represented by the 8 time Canadian  soccer champions Victoria West of British Columbia .
Well, the Federation that I founded  , we as members decided to folded it  to move to CSA - Canadian Soccer Association and have representative of Futsal Canada on the board of CSA . 
Well,   WE  could have some  of these historical picture of futsal  on Les Jones 150 years soccer history , but , the history will not be changed there will be  only one founder  of futsal in the world -  Carlos Seriani in Uruguay and Carlos Mateus in Canada, but,  there will be   several futsal developers as the game progress ..
First Canadian Futsal Jersey sponsored by Umbro Canada 

Aboriginal Cup Canada Vs Australia

Vancouver Island Select - Carlos Mateus - ( 2nd  Left back roll ) First Professional futsal league in Canada

 Carlos Mateus - Beach Soccer in Brazil - coaching the winning team -

I love to be on the winning team

Carlos Mateus  Futsal Canada Founder in Award of International Rotary Club

Carlos Mateus and Leo Beier Founding member of futsal Canada with the David Yates Memorial futsal Cup .

Untold History of Futsal in Canada Futsal Canada at the FIFUSA Conference in Sao Paulo Brazil 

 A true history book by sports writer and former Canadian Soccer Hall of the Fame Les Jones , that I have the pleasure to be one of the collaborators - putting  my two bits-  in this 150 years of Canadian soccer  and futsal history , that goes under the Fifa History as the great game - in this  well done 250 pages souvenir  book , that every soccer player in Canada and in English spoken nation  should have one , and  all the Canadians should be proud  of our most practiced sport in Canada and in the world 

The ideal gift - contact
VISIT - Canadian
tel (416)  691 1555
Les Jones I am proud to be part of the Canadian Soccer History as the first developer of futsal in Canada as well as have coached the first Canadian futsal team in a futsal world cup - 1985 Spain . But that topless beach hotel in Mar de Las Cana in Huelva, Seville was the difference in the score.   You will see in this book  more details about the history of futsal Canada. 

First Canadian Futsal National Team formed by 100% of Canadian born player right from the stardom - pic by Carlos Mateus in Campinas Brazil -1984 Pan America Futsal Cup

Futsal Canada History by Kris Fernandes on page 184 of the book mastered by Les Jones and collaborators

Marcelo Zuge -  Another Brazilian coach - developing futsal in  Vancouver and travelling in British Columbia tutoring futsal under BC Soccer / futsal grassroots program . 
 Canadian futsal team touring in Australia led by futsal founding member Leo Beier 
 Victoria West -wins the first official futsal Tournament in Canada . 
Futsal Canada National Team in Australia Pacific Cup . Back roll Carlos Mateus on the left and Charlie Cuzzetto 3rd from the right  
Futsal Canada had a great stardom on the west coast, 
but  due to an amalgamation  agreement we enjoyed Fifa , but,  initially to Canadian Soccer Association   Membership  as an independent associated member , to  become part of the CSA fully program, that is now under way with most of the provincial soccer associations developing the game of futsal as a grassroots program. 
Senior soccer players are trying to play futsal , but it has proved that one must start playing the game of futsal at the age of 5 yers old on a designed  children program as well as futsal pee wee leagues  competition year around . 

Pic of the first Canadian Women Futsal Team that represented Canada winning the three games series against Australia 1986. 

Bottom pic. by Carlos Mateus - in Campinas , Sao Paulo Brazil 1984 Pan American Futsal Championship  first Canadian Futsal Team Captained by Ike Mckay - ( top r)
Glen Johnson Gary Smith  and Doug Muirhead former Canadian National Soccer Team player were part of the line of the first Canadian Futsal Team with with 100% of the players born in Canada . I just led the way to the game of futsal that I Believe will assist the game game of soccer to score more goals. 

Canadian futsal History is found in this historical book 150 years  of Soccer Canada by Les Jones

Lucas Mateus - the first Canadian  kid on a Brazilian grassroots futsal program in Brazil-  from age 6 to 10 - at the Estilo Livre Futsal Academy coached by Terence Pereira  - The history in Canada will continue as the Game develops slowly but surely 
Futsal Canada history will continue as grassroots programs prevails from coast to coast .