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Futsal Tips - Behind the Ball Line with Carlos Mateus

Player Shouldn't take a
"Flat feet posture position " when ever defending behind the ball line

In this case - picture-  the defender should have left foot in front -backing , defending  and pushing the attacker to the  sideline , preventing the pass to his teammate..  as support players come to help in blitz to  take the ball ,   Also do not glue your eyes on the ball or at the opposing players feet , but in his whole body movement as well reading the game and the opposing player options and intention - dribbling or passing . It's is like crab fishing trip or chase a loosen chicken got get it  one  hand lower look  bigger  - getting some feathers tickling the opposite player. 
This drill should be practice during  futsal grassroots  work out
 - if the attacker comes from the your defending  right lane , 
using the left leg up front vice verse 

 Lucas Grassroots futsal practice in Brazil 

When  the team  is not with the ball position ,  the whole team should defend behind the ball line.

I was at this game as spectator , I  could tell the difference between a soccer player with no futsal grassroots basics  . Some basics such as kipping  the support leg back in sideways posture and jockeying backward wait for the opponent move as the ball gets rolling . this skill  is learn at the the age of of 6 years old ..

During a game - The team that steal more  balls from the opponent ,   is more like to win the match. the same works for fouls - but remember of the number of fouls per half , after the 5 foul,  there will be no wall , but the keeper is there to defend and not scoop balls from the back of the net.

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Grassroots Futsal Brazil by Carlos Mateus

Futsal for all 
Listening  and learning the Basics 
futsal being address by Ferretti, Chico and   Leco - Kona Futsal , Brazilian National Team Member three time world Champions  
Lucas Mateus - front roll first on the left yellow jersey .

Lucas Mateus at the age of seven years old at the Brazilian Academy of Futsal Estilo Livre - coached by Terence Pereira  . 

Futsal on  outside open cement  court  measured 14 meters by 30  meter with rough finished cement floor . I spent one year participating in coaching and never see one player getting injured. It was all about technical creative moves on or off the ball . Brazilians play futsal like Canadian do  Ice Hockey on the pee wee leagues or on  the frozen pound - it is fun to watch as well as coach 
 Boys and girls going at it 
 That is futsal at best at the Brazilian High  School - Lucas Center with P.E teacher Ronaldo 
 "This is a ball the magic ball without a string attached to it once it rolls kids  get hypnotized by it "
Futsal Canada Carlos Mateus coaching futsal to Youth in Brazil private School 

Lucas  (2)  at age of ten years old   with teammates  Listening the coach  during a game of the provincial championships - 
" You are as good as your competitors , but if there is no non competitive futsal year around you will not be able to compete with the world best"  
In Brazil futsal academies are a growing business . in there  if a coach   develop a top soccer player from a youth program , you will get  a percentage of his wage for the entire soccer or futsal professional career. .   
I personally never made any money coaching futsal , I did it  as volunteer during my futsal  life . But. I took money out my pocket to get the game going in a small tow in Canada- formed club, league for men and women , started a futsal provincial association in British Columbia and the Canadian Futsal Association and vote to go FIFA from Fifusa - doing that we enjoyed   the umbrella of Soccer Canada. but  any other futsal in Canada  will assist in further the  development of  futsal in Canada and north america  as well . 

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Canadian Futsal History - by Carlos Mateus

To continue the Canadian Futsal History , in 2002  I went back to Brazil to research the game of Futsal ,  in 2003 Lucas Mateus was Born - at the age of 5 years old Lucas  started futsal grassroots  coached by Terence Pereira  - Ferretti Futsal Methodology as well as coached by  Antonio Carlos  Martim - Paulista - former futsal professional player with Gercam , Blumenau Futsal, Joinville Kona Futsal .... ....

Coach Paulista - Antonio Carlos Martins former Gercan Futsal - with Lucas Mateus , going over futsal positioning tactics of the game . 

Canadian Futsal History
Women Futsal in  Canadian Futsal History

In Brazil researching the game of futsal  and Beach Soccer from grassroots to professional  level and enjoying retirement in 2013 
Lucas Mateus getting a taste of Beach Soccer in Brazil .
Beach Soccer in my hometown Balneario Camboriu Brazil  - Provincial  Champions - 
with the Embraed Beach Soccer Team . 2011.
We beach the top seeded team in the final . Balneario Camboriu 6 Vs  4 Florianopolis Beach Soccer Selected .-  we were loosing in the second half  4 to 2 , but with some  strategy tactical move- stay behind the ball line to still it   and giving the ball to the team  best dribbler  player  moving  to the attacking lane  it work like a blitz  and we popped 4 goals under 5 minutes to the final whistle .
Janilson  Pereira  - former futsal player from Parana, was named the game MVP  players and Tournament top scorer . 

Futsal Canada Jersey used in 1985

Compiled Picture from the Stardom of  Canadian Futsal History - that included international challenges ,  grassroots children program , women and mem futsal development in Canada.
FIFA Soccer History
First Futsal Canada World Cup Team 1985 Spain - Coached by the Brazilian Carlos Mateus ( back roll right) Charlie Cuzzetto Manager on the Left red jersey 
Canadian Futsal Team  in Spain II World Cup 1985 
Back roll , Kit manager Pasquale (Charlie) Cuzzetto, Ivan Belfiore, Don 
Joe Cuzzetto , Frank , Glen Johnson , Trainer   ,  Coach Carlos Mateus,
front row Andy Scott, JR, David McGill,  Gary Smith, Frank Lecce, Bob Clark and Frank Uele

In 1985, after five years developing futsal in Canada, primarily in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, we received from Fifusa, an invitation to participate at the Second World Futsal Championships in Spain.We realize that, it was an opportunity to spread futsal in the mainland and across Canada.The Vancouver Italian Canadian Soccer team was in Nanaimo playing in the Pacific Coast Semi-Pro Soccer league. Watching the game, Leo Beier and I, spotted some gifted soccer players. Talking to the Vancouver Team Manager  Charlie Cuzzetto, we went over details about futsal in Canada, and from that we arranged a meeting with the Vancouver players.Charlie and tthe Vancouver players, never saw a futsal ball or new the rules of the game, I explained about futsal and the event in Spain.

Without government funding, we formed a team, Charlie Cuzzetto 
did the manager duties, fundraising, booking gym time for training, and travel arrangement.

Due to working commitment, Canadian Futsal Team Head Coach Ike Mackay did not go to Spain. Carlos Mateus shared his  coaching knowledge with the players, as well as  made many trips on the Vancouver Island Ferry Boat. We had to pay for the travel air tickets, to represent Canada in the Second World Futsal Cup in Spain. The Brazilian sporting manufacturer Penalty sponsored the uniforms, and the Spanish Futsal Association paid for meals, accommodations and local transportation.

In Spain the  five star hotel , on the waterfront of a naturalist beach in Mar de Las Cana, (boarding Portugal), in the city of Huelva, Serville, was bonus .training futsal on the white sand, surrounded by topless tourist gathering was not an easy task.

However; Canada drew Uruguay, Spain and Australia.
In the first game against Uruguay, the Canadian Players shown the world that they were there to compete and displayed a great performance, before the seventeen years old, Canadian goalkeeper Frank Lecce, allows the Uruguayans score three times, one of our best player Ivan Belfiore had sum burn, only played in the second half. 
In the second game against Spain, Canada scored an impressive goal; the ball went between the Spanish keeper legs, Joe Cuzzetto, the goal scorer until now talks about it.

The Spanish team was well prepared, during the qualifying round robin, defeated Australia , Canada and Uruguay.  Brazil beat Spain in the final game,  3 to 1 to  claim  the second world title.
Canada, Japan , Australia and Holland were newcomers as well.

Carlos Mateus In Brazil 1988 Conference to move futsal do FIFA 
Representing Canada as the Presidente of Futsal Canada.

Official from Fifusas Presidente Januario DÁllesio to Carlos Mateus to start futsal in Canada
Aboriginal Cup 1987 Committee 
Futsal Canada   Founder President Carlos Mateus creator of the Aboriginal Cup 
Canadian Futsal Aboriginal History

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Futsal Canada Goals on the Go , School , Judo and Futsal - Canada Hope Lucas Mateus

School , Judo and Futsal 
Lucas Mateus  Futsal Canada Hope 
Rock City Tiger Futsal is going to roar across Canada .

Lucas brings a great deal of futsal grassroots .

" Stay in the middle of the field " that was my first soccer  coaching to grade 6 Lucas Mateus  at  the first day of school at the Rock City Elementary School 2014/2015 .
Lucas came home with mud shoes - playing soccer during recession  on grass pitch on   for the first time . 

British Columbia Back to School Today September 23 -2014 after  Teacher Strike  

 At the Dojo that with Canadians  friends I found in 1980 

Soon Free Futsal for all at the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Days  Gym.
Lucas Mateus will assist with the coaching duties - "  just passing the knowledge from father to son . why not eh! " Futsal Canada  may need a coach in the near future. 
Lucas in Brazil learning the basics of futsal grassroots 

Futsal Grassroots in Brazil 

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Nanaimo Judo Sensei Carlos Mateus is Back from Brazil

with Rosi Silva
 It is good to be back

Bottom Picture 
1977 - Carlos Mateus with Judo Master Ioshimasa Nagashima-  who moved from Japan to Brazil and made his home in Rio de Janeiro . Sensei Nagashima taught Judo at the Brazilian Navy - full time  from 8 to 11:30 am Monday to Friday including  weekends judo  tournaments  as well as workout  during 3 months  at the Navy Physical Education Centre where the navy judo team  would concentrate for full training with other sensei  in order to compete at the National Military Judo Championships .
Carlos Mateus Judo Brazilian Navy Team Champion 1976 .  category 60 kilo champion .
(front roll second from left -) 

With Personal Instructor to get back in Business 

Lucas Mateus gold medal in his first Judo contest  won all match by ippon - full point 

Lucas Mateus applying Ippon Seio Nage in the final gold medal match in Brazil 
Lucas Mateus applying  Hon Kesa Gatame in the semifinal match 

Member of Judo Canada  Black Belt Association  - Sensei Carlos Mateus Developing Judo Nanaimo Parks and Recreation program in 1980 

Nanaimo Judo Sensei Carlos Mateus with Japan Champion  Kunitaka Matsuda  .  Clinic  During  and Judo Training  at the Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro  1977 
six month of judo classes  with one of the best Judoka sent by Kodokan  exchange  with Judo Brasil 
That was the best judo coaching experience as well as participating in varios Katas such as Nage no Kata , Katame no Kata and others judo kata.
That was one year before I moved to Canada .
Judo Sensei - Luis, Matsuda and Mateus 

Brazilian Navy Team 1976 National Champions 
Carlos Mateus  (standing  right 4 )

Carlos Mateus Sergeant Navy Seal Brazilian Marine Corps 

Futsal Canada Carlos Mateus coaching Futsal  at Margirus College in Brazil

United Judokas-  resultant from the amalgamations of the two Nanaimo  Judo Clubs in the 80.s  -  Sanshiro Judo Club-  originated from a  Nanaimo Parks and Recreation program 1980 developed by the Brazilian  Sensei  Carlos Mateus .   Nanaimo Judo Club developed by Sensei Kio Namura 
 Bottom picture  of the founder of Judo Sensei Jigoro Kano- Water drawn picture   by  my Canadian son Michael Teus  Mateus in British Columbia Canada

Foto abaixo Sensei Mateus -  Equipe de Judo da Marinha do Brazil  Campea  do Campeonato Militar realizado em Blo Horizonte , Minas Gerais 1976,  o Terceiro Sargento Fuzileiro Naval Jose Carlos Mateus -frente segundo da esquesda foi campeao na categoria peso leve ligeiro 60 kilos.
Brazilian Navy National Judo team Champion - Carlos Mateus 60 kilos   - bottom 2nd from left won gold medal in the sergeant division . 

Carlos Mateus Brazilian  Navy Judo Team Champion - Brazil National Military Judo Tournament 1976 

Esta foi a primeira e unica vez que a Marinha se sagrou Campea de judo .
A equipe formada pelo Comandante Coutinho so tinha fera do Judo Carioca, maioria vindas de outros estados. 
Sensei Melo  em pé direita , Campeao peso Pesado -  7 dan tem uma academia de Judo no bairro do Flamengo Rj Massulo campeao Brasileiro , Edvaldo Pereira da Silva, Pernambucano - apelidado de jumentinho ao lado do Tenente  Avena- so jogava de seoi. Senhor Galdino de Natal, RN,  foi terceiro no Mundial de Judo Militar. eramos a maioria do Primeiro Batalhao de Infantaria do Corpo de Fuzileiro Naval- ilha do Governador - sendo o treinador  de judo vindo do Japao  o grande mestre Yoshimasa Nagashima - 9 Dan

Judo Sensei Mateu retorna a cidade natal  Balneario Camboriu  trazendo um legado
de experiencias e conhecimentos   esportivos adquiridas no Brazil e no Canada onde residiu por trinta anos

Sensei Mateus Licença de Tecnico de Judo no Canada

Certificado de Faixa Preta pela a Confederaçao Brasileira de Judo  registro  pelo o   Sensei  
 Cordeiro. Presidente da CBJ

Sensei Carlos Mateus Nascido em Balneario Canboriu, criado e Fllorianopolis onde inicio no judo aos 12 anos de idade. Aos 18  ingressou no Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais, foi membro da equipe de judo da Marinha do Brasil 1967 a 1978, participando em varios campeonatos Brasileiro militar de judo, consagrando se campeao na equipe de sargento- peso pena 60 kilos  em Belo Horizonte em 1976.
Deu baixa da Marinha na graduaçao de sargento, em 1978 foi estudar educaçao fisica e trabalhar no Canada, onde residiu durante trinta anos. 
Fundou uma academia de judo formando campeoes Canadenses juvenil e adultos. na cidade de Nanaimo, na Ilha de Vancouver, Colombia Britanica. Carlos Mateus levou o futsal para o Canada se tornando o primeiro tecnico brasileiro da modalidade no exterior em frente a seleçao do Canada competindo em Panamericanos de futsal 1984 , Copa do Mundo de Futsal na Espanha em 1985, Australia 1987, Brasil 1994, Argentina e Grand Prix 2007 em Joinville.
Na funçao de Presidente do Futsal Canada, organizou  a  primeira copa Norte Americana de Futsal na Cidade de Nanaimo , Canada A seleçao Canadense de futsal homen adultos, venceu a equipe do USA- Estados Unidos na final pelo o placar elastico de  9 versus  3 .

"You will never mind the  master, because the  master is too quick"
 Carlos Mateus

Judo for all ages at Balneario Camboriu FME program
Judo para toda as idades

The Balneario Camboriu FME  Judo program  welcomes  the  Brazilian Judo Navy Team Champion- 1976 - Sensei Carlos Mateus  at the 
Balnerio Camboriu Judo program for children , youth and adults, held at the Olympic Center .
The program is sponsored by city Sports and Recreation Commission- FME or Fundaçao Municipal de Esportes, Judo classes are free for everyone . Competitions ranks from beginning to Black belts - provincial, regional , national and international invitational tournaments.
"Sensei Mateus brings a great deal of judo and sports experience, coaching  in Brazil and in Canada.  
Carlos Mateus is father of the 7 years old judoka  Lucas Miguel  Mateus .
"Sensei Mateus  will assist  in our judo program as a quest coach ." said the FME Balneario Camboriu Judo Sensei Borba

Faculdade de Educaçao Fisica de Santos - classe 1975

 Judo Sensei Sergio Borba, Diretor Decnico da Fundaçao de Esporte de Balneario Camboriu
da aulas de judo para crianças e adultos no Centro Olimpico

Sensei Carlos Mateus and son Lucas enjoyed the  judo class at the FME Balneario Camboriu Olympic Center 

Judo is free for everyone sponsored by the FME  Balneario Camboriu or Fundaçao Municipal de Esportes  com Registro Federação Catarinense de Judo
Judo   classes  para iniciantes  com o professor Sergio Borba
na FME- Fundaçao Municipal de  Esporte de Balneario Camboriu,
Dojo do Centro Olimpico 
Terças  e quinta feiras das 6:30 as 7:30

Sensei Carlos Mateus participa  na aula de Judo
com o filho Lucas Miguel Mateus - 7 anos. no Centro Olimpico de Balneario Camboriu -
FME da  Federação Catarinense de Judo
Judo Campeão Brasileiro 

Equipe de Judo Da Marinha Campeã Brasileira -Belo Horizonte,  Minas Gerars 1976.
Sensei Carlos Mateus - da equerda pra  direita  o na frente  6.
Venceu  a primeira luta por equipe-  peso pena 60 kilos , por dois Morote seoi nage wazaris na final
Carlos Mateus serviu o Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais no Rio de Janeiro e Santos 1967 a 1978.
Deu baixa voluntaria , foi residir  no Canada .onde fundou o clube de judo- Sanshiro Judo Club,
formando faixas preta campeoes canadenses . Brett Watter, Robert Davie ,  filho Michael Mateus e centenas de judocas medalhistas em campeonatos na provincia da Columbia Britanica. 

Alguns diplomas e certificados de exelencia do Sensei  de Judo  Jose Carlos Mateus
Trajetoria de Sucesso
Membro da equipe de Judo da Marinha 
Registrado na  Federaçao Brasileira de judo

Diploma de Faixa Preta de Judo  Segundo Dan  Oficial da Kodokan Japao.
assinado pelo o Presidente da Kodokan Judo  Resi Kano -  filho do Dr. Jigoro Kano fundador do Judo
registrado na Kodokan e no Judo Canada

Professor de Judo Jose Carlos Mateus faixa preta segundo grau, foi campeão  Brazileiro da equipe  de Sargentos da Marinha do Brasil, competiu nos anos 70-  na  epoca do conhecido catarinenese campeão Brazileiro  Joao Carlos Maba de Blumenau,  
Sensei Mateus  foi tecnico da equipe de judo da Marinha do Brasil- equipe Campeã. Area Rio de Janeiro. 1978 Treinou na Universidade Gama Filho com Pedro Gama Filho ecom os grandes mestre de judo vindo do Japao, onde fez curso internacional  de judo com o sensei Kumitaka Matsuda - Campeao Japones .
Treinou no Sao Paulo Futebol Clube , Morumbi com Luiz Shinohara, Shiaki Ishi  e outros da aquela epoca de ouro no judo brazileiro, 
Competiu nos jogos Universitario FUPE de Sao Paulo pela a Universidade de Santos FEFIS , onde iniciou a Faculdade de Educaçao Fisica, junto com o  professor Sensei Uno, participando de  aulas de judo  no dojo da Vila Belmiro-  no Santos Futebol Clube
. foi professor de judo na AABB Jacarepagua  e dono da academia do conjunto dos bancarios Papa PIO XI, Jacarepagua no recreio dos artistas , tendo como alunos os filhos da cantora Elza Soares e Garrincha,  Zuzuca, Sergio Chapelin e muito outros que fizeram fama  no mundo artistico da rede globo de televisao

Residiu no Canada por trinta anos , fundou na Cidade de Nanaimo o Judo clube Nanaimo Parks and Recreation . Formou faixa pretas Canadenses campeoes juvenis eventualmente  campeoes na divisao adultos.
Estudou educaçao fisica na universidade do Canada - VIU Vancouver Island University, onde fundou o Futsal Canada , 1980- Federacao Canadense de Futebol de Salao,  foi Presidente doze anos daquela organizaçao  , e veio a ser o tecnico em varias competicoes internacionais, e da seleçao canadense na copa do mundo de futsal de 1985 na Espanha..
Veio ao Brasil com a seleçao canadense de futsal para participar the campeonatos Panamericanos. 1984 1994, 2007 Grand Prix em Joinville. 
Trabalhando com a Comfederaco Brasileira de futebol de Salao e Futsa Canada, levou o Futsal para a FIFA em 1988. 
Criado em Florianopolis onde inicio judo aos doze anos, jogou futsal  e campo no juvenil  do  Atletico Balneario do Estreito , Carlos Mateus , nasceu  em Balneario Camboriu " na avenida Central de Familia tradicional de pescadores  - avos Carlos Fernandes Mateus  e Maria Catarina chamada pelo apelido  Calica tias- Bilica ,  Kena - Norma fundadores do bairro de pescadores da praia central , Com a vinda de turistas  veio a ser o coraçao da cidade de Balneario Camboriu.

Certificado de Tecnico de Judo pela a Federaçao Canadense de Judo  e Sports Canada

No Canada  tecnicos  de esporte é requerido um curso 
de treinador de acordo com a especialidade' administrado pelo o Sports Canada e as federações

  Carlos Mateus
foto arquivo

Carlos Mateus making Judo  History in Brazil and In Canada

Carlos Mateus at the Nanaimo Judo Club British Columbia Canada 2005, before moving back to Brazil.
Sensei Mateus, working with city of Nanaimo Parks and Recreation , found the Nanaimo Sanshiro Judo Club   in 1979,   at the Giro Park Youth Center.  Sensei  Carlos Mateus and  Sensei Joe McPeek, worked an amalgamation  between  the two Nanaimo judo  clubs - Remaining the Name of   the older  Nanaimo Judo Club and the dojo was agreed to be named  Dojo Sensei Mateus . "I would like to share that in memory of  Sensei  Joe Mcpeek, and would like to say hello from Brazil to all in the city of Nanaimo British Columbia , Canada.

" Defesa Pessoal , disciplina aliada a tecnica e a etica  esportiva , sao  ensinamento encontrados nos mestres  de judo, que passam aos seus alunos, o legado do sensei Dr. Jigoro Kano Fundador do Judo" 

Judo infantil traz grandes benificios para a criança-  coordenaçao motora e desenvolvimento da forma de pensar e agir, incluindo controle de imperatividade, ansiedades e timidez...
Para tal a criança depende de  o professor estar conciente das limitaçoes de cada aluno na classe.

Judo nao é ganhar  um balde de medalhas nas competiçoes para sair no jornal local abraçado com as crianças , e sim formar um homen ético  vindo  de uma criança   , ensinando  que ganhar e perder faz parte do judo.
No judo, o treino arduo  leva um ano inteiro , mas, a competiçao leva de zero a 5 minutos.
 Subir o podium para receber medalhas de ouro só se consegue com muitas derrotas, talvez ganhe algumas  medalhas de bronze, prata , quarto lugar, ou classificaçao entre os competidores.

"O importante é participar, viajar ,conhecer lugares, fazer novas amizades em cidades e paises visitados.
Essas foram as minhas maiores vitorias em competicoes regionais , estaduais ,nacional e internacional.  Com o judo fiz muita amizades pelo o mundo onde andei. 
Retornando as origens e  a cidade natal Balneario Camboriu, espero passar esse legado de conhecimentos, que trago na bagagem, fazendo novas amizades e participando do Judo Catarinense- onde iniciei no judo tatame de palha de arroz prensada , colocado encima de uma quadra de cimento, do ginasio clube Atletico do Estreito e da Marinha- Escola de Aprendiz Marinheiros, em Florianopolis, 1961, antes da fundação official da Federaçao Catarinense de Judo".

" Fui continuar a Faculdade de Educaçao  Fisica  iniciada em 1974- Santos  FEFIS e UFRJ 1976.
No Canada nao sabiam do nosso futsal.
foi facil implatar um pouco da nossa cultura Brasileira por la,  pois ja ensinava   o Judo da cultura japonesa e  me perguntei porque nao o nosso futsal genuinamente Brasileiro ".

primeiro da esquerda em p'e selecao Canadense  na Australia Copa do Pacifico de Futsal 

 Carlos Mateus levou o Futsal para o Canada 1978  - foi tecnico da seleçao Canadense de futebol de salao,  foi eleito  presidente da  Fedederaçao Canadense de futebol de Salao durante doze anos , recebeu a placa de  fundador or  Honorary President Founder do seu sucessor President  Charlie Cuzzetto (foto 3 em pe da esquerda)  atual  Chairman of Futsal in the Canadian Soccer Association.

 Carlos Mateus intrevista  Balneario Camboriu Vice Prefeito Claudio Dallvesco , durante o evento internacional de futevolei na Praia Central.

Aposentado no Canada- servidor publico pela a prefeitura municipal - departamento de Esportes  Recreaçao e Cultura- onde começou a trabahar em 1980- foi  Instrutor de Judo e futsal  nos programas do Departamento de esporte da cidade de Nanaimo, Columbia Britanica, Canada.

 Carlos Mateus, voltou a terra natal Balneario Camboriu, de onde partiu para Florianopolis com a familia aos 7 anos de idade . 
Para manter se ocupado, incressou no Rotary Iternational de Balneario Camboriu club Atlantico. 
Escreve colunas em jornais - politica e politicos , escritor freelance , Carlos Mateus escreve e faz intrevistas para o Blog futsal Canada , com repercusao internacional, site  visitado por mais de cem paises por onde o futsal e reconhecido  pela a FIFA e AMF- FIFUSA
foto - Sensei , Carlos Mateus recreando judo   com o flilho Lucas Miguel Mateus no programa 2011 de Judo FME Balneario Camboriu , classes gratuita  para    
crianças  e adultos no Centro Olimpico as terças e quinta feiras das 18:30 as 19:30 (crianças) 7:30 as 21:00 adultos  com os professores Sergio Borba - Diretor de Judo FME  e seu pai, o conhecido sensei Borba   fundador da Associaçao Borba de Artes Marciais de Balneario Camboriu, que vem fazendo campeao de judo desde 1976.,