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Futsal Canada History - Canada First World Cup Team Coached by Carlos Mateus in Spain 1985

After 3 decades making Fifusa to FIFA History-  developing futsal in Canada 
I  decided to take a break  and tell you more about the history of the game 
 picture with son Lucas Mateus in Brasil 

Canadian Futsal History From Fifusa to Fifa Since 1980 

Carlos Mateus founder of futsal   introduced futsal to Charlie Cuzzetto in Vancouver in 1985. Charlie followed Carlos in many international futsal competition , and became the Fifa Futsal Chairman of Canadian Soccer Association as well as the President of the British Columbia Soccer Association. "Well

Canadian Futsal History From Fifusa to Fifa Since 1980 
Back roll from left Team manager Charlie Cuzzetto , Ivan Belfiori  Montagliani, Joe Cuzzetto, Elio Ciaccia, Glen Johnson   Trainer Frank  and  Coach Carlos Mateus.
Front roll Andy Scott,  Bugsy, Dave McGill, Gary Smith, Frank Lecce, Dave Clark and Frank Uele. 

Development of futsal in Canada - Scrapbook - Penalty Max 500 futsal ball was making champions in Canada in the 1980 's ; Without any funds from Canadian Tax Payers - Carlos Mateus produced in Canada three National Futsal Teams Champions 

1984 First  North America Cup Champions, Final Canada 9 USA FUTSAL 3,

In  1986 Australia Challenge- The  Canadian Women futsal team  wins the  best of three games series . 

1987 The Aboriginal Cup, Canada wins the three games series- against the Australian National Aboriginal Team.

Futsal Canada first  futsal world cup team formed with young futsal players and some veteran  such as Ivan Belfiori  New York Cosmos. The Canadian team was  coached by the Brazilian Carlos Mateus

Being a team newcomer  at the 1985 world cup in Spain ,the big  victory was Futsal Canada participation , for the first time  in a futsal world cup. We  competed to win, as well as Canada  was the only futsal  team newcomer, that had no two digits scored against  - " Canada scored goals in every game played". 

Vancouver,  Nanaimo,  Victoria , Duncan and  Saanich First Nation Districts   on Vancouver Island together was the spring board of futsal stardom in Canada. 

Carlos Mateus Back in Brazil hometown Balneario Camboriu Beach relaxing  after been burned in the cold ,  But  leaving on a  sunny beach he is back writing the History of futsal Canada and  the FIFA's  Soccer History
"How to make a Neymar" '
How Brazil Soccer is preparing for the 2014 Soccer World Cup"
How to find  the" Corruption  Loop holes" in FIFA "s History

file picture  Carlos Mateus  homecoming -Balneario Camboriu , Brazil
" In the East  Coast of  Canada, we had leagues for both mans and women, youth program , as well as futsal tournaments year around, including in the summer when the ice was out of hockey arenas they used to play off the walls like the USA Indoor soccer , but with the futsal FIFA'S rules that is changing the way to play soccer in Canada and USA - Now  Futsal is mushrooming in North America" . 

FIFA Official Futsal Ball  Made In Brazil 

Futsal Canada Hope - Lucas Mateus Grassroots In Brazil ....


Futsal In Brazil  Youth Program  With Coach Terence Pereira at Estilo Livre Academia
proud to have my son Lucas Mateus in one of the best futsal grassroots program in Brazil by a professional  qualified coach -who played futsal and professinoal soccer 

Futsal Canada Developer Carlos Mateus - 1980 to 2002 -  son Lucas Mateus learning futsal in Brazil at the Estilo Livre Futsal Academia Coached by Terence Pereira . 

Lucas Mateus futsal grassroots in Brazil making FIFA History 
with the Brazilian Futsal President Aecio Borba Vasconcelos during Futsal Grand Prix 2007
 Futsal Canada participation  and the debut of Roy Blanche in Brazil 
Futsal training session at the  Estilo Livre Academy  coached by the futsal master Terence Pereira - former professional soccer  player - Flamengo Rio de Janeiro

"To be competitive in futsal you must  start at grassroots level  "

  Lucas Mateus nine  years old ,  involved in futsal since six 
 Lucas and Kaka  after workout 

Lucas Mateus practising Beach Soccer In Brazil

Lucas Mateus Futsal in Brazil 

Carlos Mateus  Futsal Canada founder Life in Brazil - Happy hours at AABB Associação Banco do Brasil
  with Paulista and Valdir Lolli .
Lucas Mateus  FIFA history = learning the game with master futsal coach Paulista 

Brazilian Futsal Coach Paulista grooming in FIFA History

Canadian Futsal History By Carlos Mateus - 1985 Spain Futsal Second World Cup

FIFA Soccer History
Primeira Seleção Canadense de Futsal  Copa do Mundo 1985 Espanha -treinada por Carlos Mateus - em pé a direita.
First Futsal Canada World Cup Team 1985 Spain - Coached by the Brazilian Carlos Mateus ( back roll right)
Canadian Futsal Team  in Spain II World Cup 1985 
Back roll , Kit manager Pasquale (Charlie) Cuzzetto, Ivan Belfiore, Don 
Joe Cuzzetto , Frank , Glen Johnson , Trainer   ,  Coach Carlos Mateus,
front row Andy Scott, JR, David McGill,  Gary Smith, Frank Lecce, Bob Clark and Frank Uele

In 1985, after five years developing futsal in Canada, primarily in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, we received from Fifusa, an invitation to participate at the Second World Futsal Championships in Spain.We realize that, it was an opportunity to spread futsal in the mainland and across Canada.The Vancouver Italian Canadian Soccer team was in Nanaimo playing in the Pacific Coast Semi-Pro Soccer league. Watching the game, Leo Beier and I, spotted some gifted soccer players. Talking to the Vancouver Team Manager  Charlie Cuzzetto, we went over details about futsal in Canada, and from that we arranged a meeting with the Vancouver players.Charlie and tthe Vancouver players, never saw a futsal ball or new the rules of the game, I explained about futsal and the event in Spain.

Without government funding, we formed a team, Charlie Cuzzetto did the manager duties, fundraising, booking gym time for training, and travel arrangement.

Due to working commitment, Canadian Futsal Team Head Coach Ike Mackay did not go to Spain. Carlos Mateus shared his  coaching knowledge with the players, as well as  made many trips on the Vancouver Island Ferry Boat. We had to pay for the travel air tickets, to represent Canada in the Second World Futsal Cup in Spain. The Brazilian sporting manufacturer Penalty sponsored the uniforms, and the Spanish Futsal Association paid for meals, accommodations and local transportation.

In Spain the  five star hotel , on the waterfront of a naturalist beach in Mar de Las Cana, (boarding Portugal), in the city of Huelva, Serville, was bonus .training futsal on the white sand, surrounded by topless tourist gatherig ,was not an easy task.

However; Canada drew Uruguay, Spain and Australia.
In the first game against Uruguay, the Canadian Players shown the world that they were there to compete and displayed a great performance, before the seventeen years old, Canadian goalkeeper Frank Lecce, allows the Uruguayans score three times, one of our best player Ivan Belfiore had sum burn, only played in the second half. 
In the second game against Spain, Canada scored an impressive goal; the ball went between the Spanish keeper legs, Joe Cuzzetto, the goal scorer until now talks about it.

The Spanish team was well prepared, during the qualifying round robin, defeated Australia , Canada and Uruguay.  Brazil beat Spain in the final game,  3 to 1 to  claim  the second world title.
Canada, Japan , Australia and Holland were newcomers as well.

Carlos Mateus In Brazil 1988 Conference to move futsal do FIFA 
Representing Canada as the Presidente of Futsal Canada.

Official from Fifusas Presidente Januario DÁllesio to Carlos Mateus to start futsal in Canada
Aboriginal Cup 1987 Committee 
Federação Canadense de Futebol de Salao Presidente Carlos Mateus
Canadian Futsal Aboriginal History

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Great Futsal in a Small Town Sao Jorge do Patrocinio - Parana - Brazil Making Fifa History

Great Futsal in a Small Town  Sao Jorge do Patrocinio  - Parana - Brazil Making Fifa History 
by FUTSAL CANADA  1st.  Developer Carlos Mateus 
I have traveled many city in Brazil during the past ten years since I left Canada in order  to do a research on the game  of futsal that forms great  brazilian soccer players and most of them from small towns .
In the city of  Sao Jorge do Patrocinio - 6000  people ,  Futsal is the major sports event, especially   at this time of the year,  as the temperature gets cooler , they all go inside to watch the home boys performing 
I tried the perfect shot wt my tablet 10.1 Samsung,  but , that is all I got 
Great skill  played on a solid finished cement court  and no major  injuries registered during   the twice a week tournament played by twelve teams

Going into the playoffs  or semi finals the game got more entertaining with tight score . and some going int overtime 
The referees are dong a great job and look very professional 
in applying the futsal fifa rules
After the games a treat Brazilian Churrasco - by Reginaldo Vieira
 e Piramboia
Paulinho Arias  and Minoru  staff  

 Prefeito Delei Nascimento  on the right  looks on making sure there is plenty food 

Officiating happy  crew 



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Futsal Canada First Developer in Brazil Researching the Game that Produces Soccer Players like Neymar .

Sao Jorge do Patrocinio  Futsal Tournament   co sponsored by Boca Doce , Noroeste Cafe' , with the support of the Department of Sports and Recreation coordinated by  Sports Director Fabio Arias . 
Off course the Mayor Delei Nascimento loves the game  and play with the boys as well . 

Futsal Canada Daddy in Brazil Researching the Game Made  Brazil that Produces Soccer Players like Neymar .
There were three games last night at the municipal gym at no cost for the players as the team are co sponsored by the local chamber of commerce and the local sports and recreation department 

The Man behind de scene doing all the work to get the event going is the Alderman Paulinho Arias  - who was a futsal player 

There were lots action during the three games .  I was delight to watch some younger futsal players that moved up from the junior division to play with the older players .
 Seen some incredible footwork moves as well as disciplinary tactics as the teams formed with outdoor soccer player were frustrated to keep it up with the young lads whom turned over the 4 to 2 in the first half to win the game with dazzling performance with everyone cheers ..

On the botton picture right side the city  of Sao Jorge do Patrocinio Deli Nascimento dressed up to play with the employees and aldermans led by Vereador Paulinho A

 Last Friday April 11 - 2014 I was invited to partake in the  Soccer Rachao between the local municipal public employees , were the maintenance took on the administration crew . lots goals , hard to keep the scores , but the amount of mat on the BBK pit was the bonus with some very cold one  

the game ball of course was the best there is in Brazil made by Penalty 

Fresh TBone with Cassava " men got eat to make the FIFA History of the beuatiful game

At the Cidade d Sao Jorge do Patrocinio Public Employee Union Clubhouse 

Paulinho Arias e Minoru  

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Futsal tips

http://www.youtube.com/user/futsaltatico  copy and paste

FIFA History / Historia do Futsal no Brasil

Foto - 1987 - em São Paulo - durante uma reuniao entre presidentes representantes dos paises associados a Federação Internacional de Futebol de Salao FIFUSA. A agenda era levar o Futsal para a FIFA e na funçao de Presidente da Federaçao Canadense de futebol de Salão, em voto aberto " votei SIM ou YES " a ida do futsal para a FIFA. Me orgulho d ter sido o primeiro brasileiro treinador de uma seleçao estrangeira de futsal em copa do mundo de futsal Espanha 1985. foi a partir deste evento que o futsal saiu da america do sul ganhando projeçao mundial.

Foto a baixo 
 FIFA President Joseph Batter ,  Carlos Bittencourt - CBFS Vice Presidente   e Januario Dallesio FIFUSA presidente duran teuma reuniao para levar o nosso futsal a FIFA 

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World Cup 2014 FIFA History of the Game Book Foul by Andrew Jennings

FIFA History of the game by Andrew Jennings

FIFA history of the game by Andrew Jennings 
FOUL a best seller recommended  by Carlos mateus
Andrew Jennings  did it again , but will corruption in football be stopped 
 few names on the book are now in the shed .  veja mais / see more at  Andrew Jennnings  home page   http://www.transparencyinsport.org/

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Sao Jorge do Patrocinio Comandada pelo Prefeito Delei Nascimento - Boca Doce Futsal Campeão Copa Altonia Futsal 2014 Liderada por Carmo Mozima

Cidade de Sao Jorge do Patrocinio comandada pelo prefeito Delei Nascimento  e uma cidade pequena com o coração grande  para esporte - pela sétima vez  o time de futsal  patrocinado pela a empresa Boca Doce de propriedade de Carmo Mozima  , provou mais uma vez que investir em esporte traz resultados beneficente para a comunidade e retorno para a empresa em forma de Marketing divulgando o nome e produtos and making FIFA History 

Futsal is a genuine Brazilian sports and it became the most practiced sport in Brazil . 
'I would like to have this team made of  champions playing at 2014 Futsal Eurocopa, believe me they would be in the finals too. The tournament  top scorer player nicknamed Carrapicho -  on the floor holding his trophy - too my knowledge he was the player in the best 2 games play offs . In Europa he would dress any professional team jersey. But. in a small town , he works as a labour on farming land  without a scout ou agent to take him away to a pro team.- nice to watch Carrapicho handling de futsal ball with a   fine touch and game player maker  strategy .

 Carrapicho Top Scorer player   Copa Altonia de futsal Artilheiro
Altonia Futsal  Rodrigo Baroni Jersey 11  was the selected the tournament  Most valuable  Player .

Futsal fiesta in Altonia Copa de futsal

Cidade de Altonia Prefeito Amarildo Nonato presents the Copa Altonia de futsal  to the SJP team Champion captain Japa  jersey 13 

Jornalista Ivã Gonçalves Radio Liberdade FM 87,90 , tive o prazer de ser  entrevistado contando a Historia de  levar  o nosso  futsal para o Canada .

Sao Jorge do Patrocinio Prefeito-  Delei Nascimento present Carmo Mozima with a plaque of congratulation  well deserved   for his  business   support to the community sports

Official ball of  Copa Altonia de Futsal