Monday, November 28, 2016

Futsal Canada How it Started in Canada and Moved to Canadian Soccer Association - CSA

How Futsal Started In Canada  and Became
part of  Canadian Soccer Association 
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First Aboriginal Cup between Canada Vs Australia 

FiFusa Vs FIFA Committee Carlos Mateus - top roll 3rd from right-  votes on Behalf of the Canadian Futsal to go to FIFA  

Futsal Canada first developer Carlos Mateus - Founder of futsal in Canada 1979 - formed a futsal club , league , provincial association and the first Canadian futsal Association  In British Columbia. Worked to get futsal into FIFA 

Victoria West Football Club won the first ever Canadian and North America Futsal Cup captained by Ike Mackay

First Canadian Futsal Team playing overseas - players from Victoria West Football Club and Nanaimo City  representing Canada at the Brazilian Pan America Futsal Cup in Canpinas , Sao Paulo , Brazil  1984 

President of the CSA Victor Montagliani ( top Left )  Carl Valentine ( bottom left)  Mobilio brothers ,   Sam Lenarduzzi  and many others from the Vancouver Whitecaps played futsal on the Pacific Coast first ever futsal semi pro league organized by Futsal in Nanaimo organized  by Canadian futsal developer  Carlos Mateus 

Book of the 150 years of the Canadian Soccer  History  includes Futsal started in Nanaimo , British Columbia , Canada . 

First Canadian women futsal team coached by Ike MacKay 
Vamcouver Selected Futsal Team  second place at the first ever semi pro futsal league 
 USA Futsal Team 

New Zealand Futsal Team at the first Pacific cup held in Australia 1987